15 Celebs Who Have Attractive Siblings



When people think of their favorite celebrities, they almost never consider the families they had before becoming famous. People like the moms, dads, brothers, and sisters don’t even come to mind unless the family makes being famous a joint effort, like the Kardashians.

It makes sense that many of the brothers and sisters of famous celebrities choose to stay out of the spotlight. I couldn’t imagine the amount of comparison, trolling, and bad behaving fans that a sibling of a celeb has to put up with. When I think about it, the siblings didn’t choose to be famous and shouldn’t have to deal with the woes that come with being famous. While some celeb siblings choose to lead a more private life outside of their famous brother’s or sister’s spotlight, other siblings have a thriving career that they are totally rocking on their own.

From fashion designers to stage performers, some of these celeb siblings are kind of famous on their own. Either way, many of the celeb and sibling combinations on this list are totally unexpected. How many of the celebs listed did you know had a super hot sibling that they were hiding away?

1. Emma Watson And Her Brother Alex

Name ten people that have not seen or read the Harry Potter series. You will probably have to request a few personal days from work to figure that out. Emma Watson played the iconic, well known role of Hermione in the films. Viewers and fans practically watched Emma grow up from a young child actress to a breathtakingly beautiful woman right before their eyes. I totally understand how their relationship has flown under the radar for so long even though they look so much alike. Alex, outside of being Hermione’s brother, is a successful male model. In his modeling photos, he is unbelievably handsome and totally knows how to work a camera. I don’t know what his future holds or where his career is set to go, but he definitely has the looks to pull off being an actor.