Celebrities Line Up to Adopt Pup Abandoned In Heartbreaking Viral Video



Just a few of days before Christmas, one pup’s life was about to change. By the look of his situation, we’d all agree it would change for the best, considering his heartless owner. It was night when a passerby spotted something that looked like a dog’s bed. Cuddled inside, an adorable Staffordshire terrier was looking up, all sad and alone.

The Good Samaritan took the abandoned pup to a local vet and hoped that he would be reunited with his folks. The passerby had no idea the truth behind his pup’s story…

20. The Sad Pup

twitter.com/Rachel Butler RSPCA

The sad Staffordshire terrier was now safe at the vet. The next morning, RSPCA officials went to the place where the pup was found and saw a surveillance camera.

When they checked the footage from the previous night, everyone was shocked to see what actually happened!