Mom’s Student Loan Debt Suddenly Gets Paid And Her Reaction Is Priceless



It’s tough being a single mom, all by yourself, struggling to keep the house afloat, raise a child and have a career. But this mom has more on her plate! She was working all seven days of the week, had two jobs and a huge student loan debt she knew she would owe for many years to come.

However, Chicago native Jasmin Ford was relentless, doing her best to become a nurse, even with the staggering debt of almost $150,000! But then something amazing happens, and her reaction is the best thing you’ve ever seen until now!

20. Student Loan Debt

Data from 2016 showed that after graduating, a student ends up with an average of $28,446. Last year, America’s students had a loan debt of $1.5 trillion dollars!

And Ford was one of them until she got the news she never dreamed of hearing…