Pit-bull Approaches Tiny Chihuahua, Then A Miracle Happens



Who on earth would let a scary junkyard Pit-bull to approach a senior sick chihuahua that can't use its back legs? This is exactly what Kristina Helfer did after she received an email about an abandoned 15-year-old chihuahua that desperately needed a foster home... What happened next will surely amaze you! See what happened in #15 and don't miss #11.

20. An Unexpected Email


It was a ordinary workday for Kristina when, while at work, she received an urgent email from the New York City Animal Care Center (NYCACC). The email was about a senior, very sick dog that was abandoned and needed to find a new home as soon as possible as its mental and physical health was deteriorating. Kristina, being a puppy lover that made her life mission to help abandoned pups decided to do something extraordinary.

Then this happened.