What These 20 Celebrities Spent Their First Paychecks On Is Absolutely Bizarre



Imagine you suddenly got a million dollars, Would you spend it all at once in  a private jet? Would you save it for the future? Anyway, this is just a hypothetical situation for most of us, but not for stars after they receive their first paycheck.
These celebrities spent their first paychecks in the most oddly way. Some of them used the money to pay just the necessary, while others made decided to get as much luxury as possible. Do you think you could have fun shopping with any of them?

#20. Johnny Depp's Kentucky Horse Farm

Photo: Courtesy of Country Living Magazine

Who else than Jack Sparrow to spend his treasure wisely? After the big hit of 21 Jump Street  he bought a horse farm in Kentucy for his mother.  And he is not the only star who played the role of the dutiful son, check slides #19 and #11!