10 Easy to Apply & Low Cost Decoration Tips


Here you can find some of the decoration tips that I used to renovate my own place. I didn’t have a big budget but still with a little bit of creative thinking I managed to make my home look like a place where I want to be the most. These simple ideas might work for you too. 

1)Use your imagination on the walls

It is not so hard to reflect your style on your walls by painting one wall in a different color, using decorative pattern designs, using wallpaper or decorative stickers. You can buy some colored self adhesive paper for example and cut out the shapes you like from them to put on your walls, which will give you the cheapest decorative stickers ever.


There are plenty of ideas of organizing your home on the internet. Getting rid of the mess around will not only give you a clearer view of your house but also an oppurtunity to use the newly opened space effectively.

3)Change the places of your furniture

This might give a brand new look to your room, without even spending a penny. Examine each room in your house and see if each furniture is placed just at the most effective spot. You might even move some furniture from one room to another or give some away that are not functional any more.

4)Paint your furniture

Some of your furniture might look worn out or maybe  they simply do not match the colorscale in your mind while you are renovating your house. Painting them might be a good solution if they are in good shape or you don’t want to spend money on new ones. 

5)Decorate your furniture with stickers:

If you have a plain white lamp shade for example you can decorate the hat with self adhesive decorative stickers. I tried it and my lamp shade gained a complete new and original look. It is like I changed the lamp shade. You can find different stickers I think in do-it-yourself stores. I myself bought my stickers from a do-it-yourself store. 

6)Explore multifunctional furniture

Some examples which are in my own house: A bathroom cupboard with mirror covers, a sofa which can also be a bed or wooden steps which you can also use in the antre to sit and tie your shoes. Multifunctional furniture will save you money and room. 

7)Change the curtains

If you do not choose the most expensive fabric you can renew your curtains according to your own taste. It is important to find the right color and patterns to suit the style of your furniture. You can search the internet for tips on combining colours and patterns. 

8)Sprinkle some green here and there

Plants of all kind give your home a warmer atmosphere. You can even hang them on walls or on the ceiling for a change. You can use live or imitation ones. You can use glass pots or colorful ceramic or plastic ones. There are millions of alternative flower pots with different colors, shapes or patterns so why not use them as decorative objects. 

9)Magic of candles and pillows

Candles and pillows might be really chic decorative objects when chosen carefully. You can find a lot of of low cost, colorful alternatives which will suit the your style. They will immediately change the atmosphere of your place and will especially be good to add some color to your decoration. You can simply change them with new ones when you are bored of them. 

10)Use pictures or different objects on the walls

It is important to choose objects that reflect you and your style. Filling your walls with loads of different pictures and frames of different sizes and shapes is really trendy but I think this will not satisfy you at all so try to be a bit more creative here. You can use your family pictures, a painting that your child made, different patterns and pictures that you found on the internet to be framed, mirrors, flower pots, objects that you loved and bought during a trip to your dream country and so on. Alternatives are limitless.