10 Effective Tips and Secrets on How to be a Successful Writer!

10 EFFECTIVE TIPS and Secrets on HOW TO SUCCEED in Writing!

People like simplicity – the simpler a topic is, the easier it is to understand.  How do you earn money writing about very simple topics in life?  Here are 10 tips to help you succeed to writing:

1.      Write about topics that many people are interested in, but break it down into easy and simple topics.  For example, the topic of food.  Food is a very broad topic, and it can be broken down into many categories such as main meals, desserts, snacks, and so on.  You can break each of these topics even further to more specific topics.  For example, under desserts there are cakes, pastries, etc.  Than break the topics down one more time.  Under cake there is chiffon cake, angel cake, pound cake, etc.  Then decide which kind of cake you want to write about.  This way your topic is very simple and specific.

2.      In relation to the topic above, pick a topic that you have personal experience on.  It really helps if you have personally made the cake, for example.  This greatly reduces the amount of time writing.  If you are familiar with the topic, writing about it will come naturally to you.

3.      Everyone knows that in order to succeed at writing, you have to write many articles.  Try to focus on your niche – like in our example here, food.  Under this topic there are thousands of possible topics under the sun.  Once you start writing one article you just can’t stop!  If you love writing there’s no question that you can write many articles and succeed in online writing.

4.      Take time to research.  Ever since I started to write online, Google has been my best friend!  Anything I want to learn and write about, I go to Google to search and find information.  Wikipedia is also an excellent source of information.  Research and write, but remember do not copy!  Write based on your originality and if you are a faithful writer you will gain a massive amount of readers.

5.      Remember to make friends with the writing community.  As a member of Triond, Bukisa and Associated Content I have made many friends who have helped me in my writing career.  Friends will support you and help you succeed.  It is a give and take relationship, so take the time to comment on other people’s articles too.

6.      Always stay positive and inspired!

7.      Plan your course of action.  When I was just starting to write, I found it confusing as to how to possibly write so many articles, read and comment on other people’s articles, market your own articles, and research at the same time.  It just didn’t sound feasible given that there are only so many hours in a day.  So I ended up doing bits and pieces here and there, without really a clear set of path.  However through time I learned how to prioritize these tasks and how to effectively manage my time.  See the next tip!

8.      Do similar things together at the same time.  If you set a time to write, then just write.  If you set a time to market your articles in the social bookmarking sites, then focus your time solely on that action.  If you are commenting on other people’s articles, then do them continuously.  By doing this, then you are able to accomplish more!

9.      Always write catchy titles.  Many articles are written beautifully but end up getting only a few readers.  Why?  Because the titles were not phrased properly.  Readers only have a few seconds to glance through the titles.  If your title does not catch the reader’s attention it will not be clicked.  Articles who get the most clicks are the ones who have very catchy and interesting titles.  So how do you write a good title?  Choose the words that describe your topic the most, straight to the point.  Imagine yourself as the reader and then ask yourself, will you click on the article to read it?   So whenever you are writing a title think about the readers’ perspective.

10.  Last but not the least, you WILL succeed in writing if you have the determination.  Work hard and enjoy it at the same time!

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