10 Free And Essential Windows Applications.

1)Open Office 

A completely open source office environment package from Oracle. It may be relatively small in size, but it includes alternatives to all of Microsoft Office’s core programs. The best thing about Open Office, is that it is compatible with all Microsoft Office documents. Need to finish off that Excel spreadsheet at the office, but running late? Now you can do it on the go, without spending a penny. A great alternative to Microsoft Office.

2)Daemon Tools Lite

The best free virtual drive software. For mounting image files without having to burn them to a disc. A good alternative to PowerISO.


An excellent disc burning utility. It’ll even mount your .iso files to a disc. A decent alternative to Nero.

4)Mozilla Firefox

You will already have Microsoft’s Internet Explorer installed, but for a more feature rich browsing experience, consider using Firefox. This open source browser is incredibly fast, easy to use and supports thousands of add-ons, such as spell checkers, advert blockers, and even IRC clients. A great alternative to Google Chrome.

5)VLC Media Player

An immensely simple, yet fast video and audio player. It supports tonnes of file formats without the need for independent codecs. It’ll even play Blu-Rays! Highly recommended. As an alternative, VLC far surpasses Windows Media Player.


While Windows contains an integrated unzipping program, this light weight and open source archive manager supports the extraction of over 130 archive types! It will also allow you to create 7z, ZIP, and many more archives. A great alternative to WinRar.

7)Foxit Reader

This incredibly light-weight PDF tool allows the viewing and creation of PDFs, even in your web browser. A good alternative to Adobe Acrobat Reader.


GIMP is a powerful, open source image editor. While it doesn’t include some of the higher-end features of Photoshop, it is updated regularly, and has a great support community. A fantastic alternative to Adobe Photoshop.

9)Windows Live Essentials

Microsoft’s Essentials package contains its instant messenger, the Hotmail desktop client, its movie editor ‘Movie Maker’ and a photo gallery application. As the name of the application suggests, these programs really are essential.

10)Microsoft Security Essentials

Without a doubt the best free anti-viral software available. It’s incredibly light weight, and it won’t constantly harass you like some of the other free anti-viral programs out there will. MSE works in tandem with Windows Firewall to keep you protected, and will automatically update and scan, provided that you configure it to do so. A brilliant alternative to AVG.