10 Health Benefits of Broccoli

  1. Blood sugar: Broccoli contains plenty of the element chromium, which is known to help regulate blood sugar and to help regulate insulin in the body. Diabetics might want to pay attention to this.
  2. Stomach problems: Broccoli also has plenty of fiber, which helps with digestion and works at dealing with or even preventing constipation.
  3. Skin care: Lots of vitamins can be found in broccoli, including Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Vitamin E and other natural nutrients. Add all those vitamins up together and what you get is a natural concoction that’s beneficial in making the skin appear fresh, clean and glowing. So stow away some broccoli if you want nice skin.
  4. Infections: All that Vitamin C found in broccoli is good for the immune system. In other words, it’s good for fighting infections of all kinds, whether from a minor injury or from something internal such as a bad case of the flu. Chicken soup might help with your cold, but it’s broccoli that can help deal with any chest infections caused by the flu.
  5. Breast cancer: Broccoli contains plenty of natural anti-carcinogens such as Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, selenium and other natural products. These anti-carcinogens not only help fight against cancer in general, but they are extra effective in lowering one’s chances of contracting breast cancer because they aid the body in getting rid of extra estrogen.
  6. Antioxidants: Antioxidants help the body, specifically within the bloodstream, to work at healing cells from damage and from taking further damage from toxins. Broccoli contains plenty of natural elements that work as antioxidants, which help in the battle against cancer and even heart disease.
  7. Undernourishment: Broccoli can actually help in the battle against starvation in some nations. How? Broccoli is what’s considered a nutrient-rich food, which means it contains a lot of different vitamins and natural elements that are beneficial to the human body. Add all those vitamins up, along with the fact broccoli is low in calories and fat, and you’ve got a perfect food for helping to feed the hungry.
  8. Stronger bones: Calcium can also be found in broccoli. And calcium is good for strengthening the bones and helping the bones to remain strong. Thus calcium, and broccoli, are good at coping with the disease of osteoporosis.
  9. Birth defects: Folate is a form of Vitamin B9. Several studies have shown Vitamin B9 is effective in helping to prevent birth defects. What contains Folate? Broccoli.
  10. Weight loss: Because broccoli is low in calories and fat but contains tons of vitamins, it is one of the healthiest foods a person can eat who is trying to lose weight. But remember to talk to your doctor first if you are considering a diet.

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