10 Signs Your Husband is Cheating on You.

1. Choice of contraception is changed.  You have been on the pill for years, suddenly he want to use condoms.  He tries to reason, just in case you get pregnant.  Really, it takes the pressure off of him if you were ever to see a packet lying around.

2. He takes his phone everywhere.  Even to the toilet.  

3. Passwords are different.  Do not worry about this.  He is usually a creature of habit.  It used to be Fido123 and now it will be Fido321.

4. Separate holidays are suggested.  He really wants to go on that golf holiday or the skiing holiday with the guys, which you will just hate it of course.  He will suggest you go on that pampering weekend, with your friend.

5. He tells his friends.  Notice how his friends keep laughing and punching his arm?  The they go all quiet when you are around?

6. He jumps in the shower as soon as he walks in.  Even when there is a shower at the gym or the office. Obviously he does not want you to pick up on the scent.

7. He hides his credit card statement.  Or changes to paperless billing.

8. Significant dates are forgotten.  He just forgot that your parents were coming or that your child’s assembly was today.  Even worse, your birthday goes unnoticed.  

9. He is over-generous.  He pays for both you and your friend Jane to go away for that pampering weekend (see number 4).

10. Work hours become longer and longer.  His attitude is grumpy too.  “If we want luxury items then I need to do more hours.”  Only you never see these luxury items, even after 3 months of working late.