14 Unsolved Celebrity Deaths

This list of unsolved celebrity deaths includes cases where the victims have been murdered or died under unsolved circumstances which gave rise to all sort of conspiracy theories. Will we ever find out the truth about what happened? Make sure to check #11, #8 and #3!

#14. Marilyn Monroe

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On August 5, 1962, Marilyn Monroe was found dead in her home in Los Angeles at the age of 36. The cause of death was a barbiturate overdose that was ruled a probable suicide. Her death came as a great shock and many doubted that the Hollywood star had taken her life, but instead, was forced to take the drugs that killed her. Monroe was rumored to had had an affair with John F. Kennedy and his brother, Robert F. Kennedy. There are many conspiracy theories stating that Monroe was murdered to keep the Kennedy affairs under wraps. The CIA has files on Monroe’s death but we’ll probably never know the true story. Up next, the case of a Hollywood actress who remains unsolved.

#13. Natalie Wood

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Natalie Wood drowned on a boating trip with her husband Robert Wagner on November 29, 1981. The actress was reported missing by her husband after a night of drinking and her body was tragically found several hours later. Wood’s death was first ruled an accident, but later, when bruises started to appear in her body, law enforcement started to consider foul play. Wagner became the prime suspect at the age of 87. Wood’s sister claimed that Wagner murdered the actress and movie star on the Dr. Phil show. Also, in 2012, the cause of death was changed from “accidental death” to “drowning plus ‘undetermined factors.’” It is unlikely that this mystery will be solved soon since the evidence is insufficient to support an arrest. Slide to see more mysterious celebrity deaths.

#12. Thelma Todd

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In 1935,  actress Thelma Todd was found dead at the age of 29 at the steering wheel of her Lincoln. The cause cause of death was carbon monoxide poisoning, but, strangely enough, the car’s engine wasn’t running and Todd’s throat showed signs of trauma. It is believed that someone forced a hose or pipe into her mouth. Her ex-husband, her current lover and the gangster, Lucky Luciano, were suspects in the case. To add to the conspiracy, the actress had received death threats and several notes demanding she pay $10,000 or be killed. Sadly, the grand jury was split between those who believed it was an accident and those who believed it was a murder and they were unable to come to a conclusion. Next one is about a famous American rapper.

#11. Tupac Shakur

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Hip-hop star Tupac Shakur was killed in Las Vegas in 1996 after a drive-by shooting. Two years earlier to the event, there was a failed attempt on his life which Shakur blamed on producer Sean “Puff Diddy” Combs and rival rapper Christopher Wallace (“Notorious B.I.G.”) Wallace was killed six months later in Los Angeles. The murder of Tupac Shakur is one of the strangest unsolved mysteries in Nevada. The next case has conspiracy theorists in a frenzy.

#10. Princess Diana

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On August 31, 1997, Diana, Princess of Wales died as a result of injuries sustained in a car crash in the Pont de l’Alma road tunnel in Paris. After her divorce from Prince Charles, Diana tried to live a normal life, but she expressed fears that she’d be murdered, particularly, she believed that it was most likely that her death be staged as a vehicular crash. Although the paparazzi were blamed for the accident, the fact that she died in a similar way to how she’d predicted makes many people doubt that the investigation unveiled the truth. Next one is a very famous case in L.A.

#9. Elizabeth Short

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Elizabeth Short was found brutally murdered on January 15, 1947 and the case came to be known as the Black Dahlia Murder. The body of the 22-year-old aspiring actress was found  in a vacant lot near Leimert Park, cut in half, drained of blood and cleaned of all evidence. The only witness claimed there was a black sedan parked in the area but without anything more than theories and allegations the police was never able to found the killer. The Black Dahlia murder became one of the oldest and the most famous cold case in L.A. Slide to see more!

#8. George Reeves

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American actor George Reeves died of a gunshot wound to the head in 1959 at the age of 45. Reeves had played Superman in the 1950s TV series Adventures of Superman. Despite the fact that Reeves’ death was ruled a suicide, many conspiracy theorist believe he was either murderer or the victim of an accidental shooting. Next one is really shocking.

#7. Johnny Stompanato

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Reputed mobster Johnny Stompanato was stabbed to death in 1958. It is believed that his girlfriend, Lana Turner, murdered Stompanato and arranged for her daughter, Cheryl Crane, to take the blame. Stompanato had been physically abusive to Lana Turner, but the jury believed that the protective daughter committed the murder in self-defense. Until this day Cheryl Crane remains silent about the event. Whether the murder was committed by the star or her 14-year-old daughter will forever remain a mystery. Slide to read all about the next cold case!

#6. Bob Crane

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Bob Crane was found brutally murdered in his apartment in Scottsdale, Arizona in 1978. The public was shocked both by his death and the subsequent revelations about his life (his apparent sex addiction, among others.) John Carpenter, Crane’s longtime friend, was the sole suspect of the murder. Since there wasn’t enough evidence to convict Carpenter in the trial in 1994, and he later died in 1998, the case remains unsolved. The next one is about a silent-film actress!

#5. Virginia Rappe

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American silent-film actress Virginia Rappe died of internal injuries in 1921. Rappe attended a party at the St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco. Despite the fact that the party happened during prohibition, plenty of liquor was served to the guests. Rappe and actor Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle were together in a bedroom when guest heard her screams outside and entered to find Rappe “fully dressed, writhing in pain on the bed.” According to a friend of Rappe who later turned out to not be a reliable witness, the actress accused Arbuckle. Rappe suffered from recurrent bladder infections and died of a ruptured bladder three days after the incident. After three trials, Arbuckle was finally acquitted of Rappe’s murder but his career was destroyed. He died of a heart attack at 46. Slide to read all about this British woman who was murdered.

#4. Jill Dando

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British journalist Jill Dando was killed by a gunshot to the head on April 26, 1999. The case became one of U.K.’s most famous unsolved murder. The conspiracy theories began when Barry George, a convicted sex offender, was tried and acquitted for Dando’s murder because the forensic evidence against him was discredited. Many believe it was a political assassination while others blame an obsessive stalker. Dando’s death will most likely never be solved. Up next, an unresolved case from 2001.

#3. Bonnie Lee Bakley

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Bonnie Lee Bakley was killed by a gunshot while she waited in the car for her husband, Robert Blake, on May 4, 2001. After the criminal trial in which Blake was acquitted, Bakley’s family brought a civil suit against him and he was held liable. There are different standards of proof for criminal and civil cases. Civil courts use a lower standard of “preponderance of evidence”, while criminal courts use a higher standard of “beyond a reasonable doubt. He may be guilty of killing his wife but without a confession we will never know. Slide to read all about the next strange case.

#2. Ronni Chasen

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On November 16, 2010, Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen was shot to death while driving home from the Hollywood premiere of the film Burlesque. The police suspected an ex-convict of a robbery attempt gone wrong but the investigation had been hopelessly botched. After rumors of shady dealings and a questionable investigation, the real killer remains at large. The next one got us all shook.

#1. Brittany Murphy

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Actress Brittany Murphy died in 2009 at the age of 32. The Los Angeles County coroner stated that the primary cause of Murphy’s death was pneumonia. The actress battled flu-like symptoms several days prior to her death but it was after her husband, Simon Monjack, died six months later under the same circumstances that her family became suspicious. Murphy’s dad claims there is evidence of arsenic poisoning in an independent toxicology report but the police never re-opened the case. It certainly is suspicious when a healthy young woman dies of natural causes.