16 Funny Pictures of Pets with Food

Amused owners take pictures of their pets eating, in funny food costumes or just being their adorable selves! Here’s 16 pictures that are guaranteed to make you laugh! Don’t miss #12, #8 and #6!

#16. What’s Better Than A Purrito? 5 Purritos

Photo: Courtesy of Reddit

And I’m not even sharing! Sorry, not sorry…

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#15. Sometimes Not Even Bacon Can Lift Your Spirit

Photo: Courtesy of Reddit

Who hurt you, little doggy?

Next dog will shock you!

#14. I Didn’t Want My Hot-dog Like That But I’ll Take It

Photo: Courtesy of Imgur

Look at that face, so proud of himself! The dog didn’t look so happy about this, though…

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#13. Casual Attire

Photo: Courtesy of KakaoTV

For those days when you have a brunch date with your pet prairie dog friends and just wanna look cute.

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#12. This Donut Tastes Weird

Photo: Courtesy of Reddit

Silly doggo, it’s spelled doughnut!

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#11. This Is Not A Mirror

Photo: Courtesy of Diply

Nothing better than a romantic evening with bae.

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#10. No Way

Photo: Courtesy of Diply

The only time the dog really ate your homework and no one will believe you!

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#9. It Doesn’t Matter If You Slip And Fall, Eating Is What’s Important

Photo: Courtesy of Diply

What is it with black cats and food lately?

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#8. Maybe If I Move Slowly Enough No One Will Notice

Photo: Courtesy of Diply

My beautiful cinnamon roll, too good for this world, too pure.. I’m talking about the Cinnabon, not that awful man trying to steal from me!

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#7. Sorry But Your Fur Betrayed You

Photo: Courtesy of Diply

Sure, when my face is covered in cheeto dust It’s disgusting, but when the cat does it… Oh, this is so cute I can’t even be mad. An orange cat may get away with messing with the flowers, but not you, buddy!

The next slide is for wiener dog lovers!

#6. Trail Of Sausages

Photo: Courtesy of Pikabu

Sometimes dachshund owners have the best sense of humor!

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#5. Fancy Dinner For Four

Photo: Courtesy of Diply

This isn’t what I had in mind when I said grab your tuxedo. But, hey! I’m not complaining!

Next one is really impressive!

#4. This Are Not The Treats You Are Looking For

Photo: Courtesy of Diply

The best costume I’ve seen so far!

Up next, a raccoon with fine taste!

#3. Manners Maketh Trash Panda

Photo: Courtesy of Diply

Don’t let that thief mask fool you, this is a man with class. I heard he drives a furrari (No? Ok…)

Next one is cute and just a bit creepy!

#2. I’ll Have Your Head On A Platter

Photo: Courtesy of Bored Panda

This might look scary at first but the costume is amazing, and look at that cute doggie there!

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#1. Best Combination Ever

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest

I thought I was the biggest fan of S’mores, but clearly they are!