18 Pictures Of Celebs Who Adopted New Pets

They say pets will bring happiness and fun into any home, but the eternal dispute between dog and cat lovers will probably never end. Luckily, there is room for both in this list of celebrities who adopted new pets in 2018.

Photo: Courtesy of People

Miley loves the company of dogs. She has a whole squad that just got larger with the arrival of a white pitbull named Milky. Slide to see the next pair of puppers!

Photo: Courtesy of Chelsea Handler/Instagram

After losing her beloved dog Chunk, Chelsea adopted not one but two rescue Chows, who are the same breed as her former dog. Up next, one of our favorites!

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest

Just look at these two love birds! Apparently, the actor fell in love with this fella on set while filming in Bulgaria. He said that he spotted this stray dog and knew he had to bring him home. Click Next to see Olivia Wilde’s pup!

Photo: Courtesy of ZIG

Together with her husband, SNL alum Jason Sudeikis, they adopted this little furry ball named Elvis from a shelter. Clearly, this pupperino has adapted just fine to the family. Up next, a former Disney star shares her love for dogs.

The singer already has a large dog squad of her own: Willie, Wallace, Fina, Chip, and Chazz; also there’s Baylor, whom she adopted with Justin Bieber and Charlie, with Abel from The Weeknd. Slide to see the most elegant dog of the list!

Photo: Courtesy of Twitter

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star loves animals so much she even has her own pet squad! Binky is now a new member of the squad and let me tell you, she looks so adorable! Up next, a beautiful story!

#12. Maria Menounos

Photo: Courtesy of Maria Menounos/Facebook

Meet Maxiumus the rescue dog that recently became part of Menounos’ pack of doggos. As her Facebook post reads, she was allergic to many dogs but miraculously Maximus’ arrival did not affect her that way. That’s excellent news! Slide to see what pet got adopted by one of the Avengers!

#11. Chris Evans 

Photo: Courtesy of HuffPost

Apparently, Captain America is a weak weak man for cute animals. But can you blame him? The story goes that while he was filming Gifted, they had to shoot a scene in an animal shelter and this silly man thought he wouldn’t fall for any of them…till he met Dodger. Up next, meet Maverick!

#10. Nina Dobrev

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest

The Vampire Diaries actress introduced her new cute pupperina Mrs. Maverick, who allegedly has her own Instagram account. Brava, little girl! Slide to read the most heartbreaking story (with a happy ending!)

#9. Liev Schreiber

Photo: Courtesy of The Blast

During his appearance on Live with Kelly and Ryan little did this man know that he was going to find his next two loves. These cute puppers were Hurricane Harvey survivors and one of them, Woody, has already hit the red carpet with the actor to promote his new movie, Isle of Dogs. Up next, one of our favorite actresses introduces her new pupper!

#8. Amanda Seyfried

Photo: Courtesy of InStyle

Amanda Seyfried is almost always seen in the company of her loyal furry friend Finn.  The actress adopted the rescue pupper from Best Friends Animal Society. Slide next to see what celeb couple adopted a beautiful Husky!

#7. Julianne Hough and Brooks Laich

Photo: Courtesy of Twitter

The two-time professional champion of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars and her husband added a husky puppy to their family in November. We met the beautiful dog in their Instagram Stories. Up next, Jennifer Aniston’s ex is showing off his cute pupper!

#6. Justin Theroux

Photo: Courtesy of Female First Forum

The Leftovers star Justin Theroux adopted his new dog Kuma and was able to bring the pitbull dog in June. Kuma was displaced during Hurricane Harvey. The star shared the emotional story and a photo of him walking his newest rescue pet thanking everyone who made it possible. Slide to see an ex White House member happy with his new baby!

#5. Joe Biden

Photo: Courtesy of Kopitiam Bot

The former Vice President and his wife, Jill Biden, adopted a German Shepherd in November. The dog, named Major, is a rescue from the Delaware Humane Association. Joe Biden heard about the dog, who came from a litter of puppies who weren’t doing well, and reached out to them. Next one is our favorite!

#4. Hilary Duff and Matthew Koma

Photo: Courtesy of Herosz

In October, months prior to having their first child together (a baby girl named Banks), the couple adopted an elderly dog. They shared the good news with a picture of them and their newest adorable pet. Up next, a former Disney star has a new cub!

#3. Zac Efron

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest

The American actor shared the news of his dog with a candid shot of him and his new pup. The star named the adopted dog Maca. Slide to see the cutest puppy story!

#2. Gus Kenworthy and Matthew Wilkas

Photo: Courtesy of Towleroad

The couple was devastated after losing their dog Beemo  in May. Luckily, they found their newest pet (a 5-month-old Jindo/Labrador) at the same South Korean dog meat farm where they rescued their beloved Beemo in August. Click Next to see whose kittens made it to the top!

#1. Jonathan Van Ness

Photo: Courtesy of Gramha

After the devastating loss of his cat early in the year, the Queer Eye star adopted two adorable kittens in September. He wrote in an Instagram post that even though he will never stop missing his cat, these gorgeous babies have helped him cheer up!