18 Unique Vintage Photos from the 1950s

Travel back in time with these rarely seen photos from the 1950s. What was family life like in the 1950s compared to today? Make sure you don’t miss #15, #8 and #6.

#18. Fun and Games

Photo: Courtesy of Readers Digest

In this photo a young boy stacks the final cards of an incredible card tower. His little siblings watch him as he finishes his work. Slide to see what sports looked like then!

#17. Baseball

Photo: Courtesy of Readers Digest

An afternoon game of baseball at a summer camp outside Washington D.C. Boys from both teams seem to be having fun. Up next a beautiful girl enjoying a ride.

#16. Pony Ride

Photo: Courtesy of Readers Digest

In this image from 1950, a happy little girl takes her pony for a ride. Click Next to see what cars looked like in the 50s.

#15. New Car

Photo: Courtesy of Readers Digest 

A family of three posing with their brand-new 1951 Ford Custom Fordor Sedan. This picture was taken in Detroit right in front of their home. Slide to see more!

#14. Family Saying Goodbye

Photo: Courtesy of Readers Digest

A soldier saying goodbye to his wife and child before leaving to fight in the Korean War, which lasted from 1950 to 1953. The next one is so beautiful!

#13. Parade Day

Photo: Courtesy of Readers Digest

A beautiful woman in a swimsuit. She was probably taking part in Miami’s Orange Bowl parade, held from 1936 to 2001. You won’t believe who is in the next slide.

#12. Celebrity Mom

Photo: Courtesy of Readers Digest

This photo of Lucille Ball with her family was taken a year after I Love Lucy aired. The successful TV series lasted from 1951 to 1957, and Lucille Ball appeared on the cover of TV Guide 45 times and was often covered by many magazines and newspapers. Up next, Harlem!

#11. Playing outside

Photo: Courtesy of Readers Digest

A photo of a group of happy little girls playing on the streets of Harlem in New York City. Slide to see one of the most significant pictures of that time!

#10. Vaccines After the Polio Epidemic

Photo: Courtesy of Bettmann/CORBIS

The polio vaccine was developed in 1952 and people waited in line for hours in an attempt to get the trial vaccine for their children. Later, in 1955, the vaccine was licensed and polio was practically eradicated in the United States. The next one is so funny!

#9. Dancing

Photo: Courtesy of Toledo Blade

The Twist, The Mashed Potato and other dance crazes were very trendy during the 1950s and 60s. The Bunny Hop was a conga-line formation created by students at San Francisco’s Balboa High School during 1952. Next one is one of our favorites.

#8. Summertime

Photo: Courtesy of Readers Digest

A family enjoying a hot summer day. Just a small pool was enough to beat the heat in the 1950s. Slide to see more!

#7. Swimsuits

Photo: Courtesy of Readers Digest

Girls in theirs swimsuits at a beauty pageant in Park Forest, Illinois. The bikini was introduced eight years before this photo was taken but is was considered a bit too indecorous. You can see the little girls are wearing flouncy skirts. It wasn’t until 1957 that bikinis became more mainstream. Up next, a Nobel Prize winner.

#6. Nobel Prize Winner and Family Man

Photo: Courtesy of Readers Digest

Professor Felix Bloch having fun with his family. Felix Bloch, a Swedish-born physicist who taught at Stanford University, received a Nobel Prize for Physics for his work developing a new method for measuring the magnetic field of atomic nuclei. Slide to see more!

#5. Ike Girls

Photo: Courtesy of Readers Digest

An image of Ike Girls drumming up the vote for WWII hero General Dwight Eisenhower’s second term, but the first appearance of Ike Girls was in 1952. The “Draft Ike” movement was the successful political draft to take a private citizen to the Oval Office of the 20th century. Click Next to see that Grehounds looked like!

#4. Bus Ride

Photo: Courtesy of Readers Digest

A mother and her young daughter enjoying their ride in the Greyhound’s dual-level Scenicruiser bus in 1957, which had debuted a few years before 1954. You won’t believe #3 next!

#3. Bowling

Photo: Courtesy of Readers Digest

In this photo from 1958 a woman aims for a strike at the bowling alley. Up next, a true legend of Jazz!

#2. Jazz Legend

Photo: Courtesy of Readers Digest

Trumpeter Louis Armstrong, a charming Louisiana-born man, performing in 1950. Slide to see which photo made it to the top!

#1. Camping Trip

Photo: Courtesy of Readers Digest

A family setting up their tents in the Rocky Mountains in 1959. Generations of American families have enjoyed the magnificence of United States’ national parks.