2009 Fight of the year Contenders (Boxing)

Every year has great fights, every division usually has great fights, for one reason or another though very few fights seem to really stand out in more than the others, the fights that have all of boxing talking afterwards. They might be all action, it might be the ending of the fight, it might just have had that magic x-factor, or it might just have been the fight that finally comes together for the two guys involved, oddly though they rarely seem to be the most anticipated (though the Antonio Margarito – Miguel angel Cotto fight in 2008 was highly anticipated and a great fight).

So with the year almost over and only 1 absolute stunner of a fight left for year that’s been signed sealed and is waiting to be delivered (November 14th Manny Pacquiao V Miguel Angel Cotto). Lets look over some of the fight of the year contenders and see which was the best fight of 2009.

March 21 O2 Dublin-WBA Super Bantamweight Title Fight
Ricardo Cordoba (34-1-2) V Bernard Dublin (27-1)

With 3 wins in a row since he was sensationally stopped in the first round by Kiko Martinez Bernard Dunne was the proverbially lamb to the slaughter to the superb Cordoba. The Panamanian champion had gone to Ireland to defend his title in one of the hottest divisions in boxing having only ever lost a split decision in Thailand to Poonsawat Kratingdaenggym. This was expected to be an easy blow out but turned into one of the highlights of the boxing year and a huge upset to boot. Featuring 6 knock downs in the fight, with Cordoba down for the first time in round 3 before he seemed to turn it around in round 5 where he decked Dunne twice, the fight looked like it was going to be over soon.
6 rounds later Dunne had stayed in the contest but was requiring a stoppage against a man who had never been stopped and yet in front of his home fans he managed it scoring 3 knock downs in the 11th round. Winning on the three knock down rule, had Cordoba managed to make it a few seconds longer (officially it was over 2 minutes 59 seconds in the 11) he may have managed to make it through the final round.
The reaction of the crowd, the huge turn around and the hugely exciting manner of the fight are why it’s on this list.