2012 Honda Civic

Honda unveils the Ninth-Generation Civic this year and putting it in production for the Domestic (Japanese), American, and European Markets.

The Japanese Market is going to see some delays with the new Civic, due to the recent earthquakes and tsunamis that have happened in the area, so the Civic will be ready to be unveiled at the up-coming Tokyo Motor Show and will be put in production right after that event.

The European Market is going to see a new Civic Hybrid as a coupe instead of the sedan model, as in the Japanese and American Market. The reasoning behind the change is that Honda’s Research and Development Centre in Japan was badly damaged by the recent earthquakes that occurred there, Honda has sent their development team to the Swindon plant in England, which happens to be the plant that makes all the Civic hatchbacks for the European market, another reason why Honda has made this change is because it’ll help keep the availability for Civic hatchbacks.

In the American market for the new Civic, it was also delayed, but only because of changing market conditions, tougher fuel economy, and emissions regulations, so the new American marketed Civic was delayed from being put into production from the originally time being May of last year, until spring of this year, which a production model of the new Civic was unveiled at the 2011 North American International Motor Show.

Globally, the Civic will be available in the same body style has previous generations were, the 2-door coupe, 4-door sedan, and the 3 & 5-door hatchbacks. Even though Honda say that the new Civic is a redesign and not a facelift, the eight and ninth gen models look very similar, but Honda has said that the changes done are much more to be considered a facelift and no need to majorly change the looks of the car, especially since the eight gen Civic still looks new after 6 years being on the market and compared to it’s rivals.

The engine available for the Civic is the 1.5L I4, with the 2.4L I4 being only available for the coupe model and the 1.8L is only for the hybrid models. There is an option of either having a automatic or manual 5-speed gearbox, and a CVT 6-speed manual gearbox for the hybrid models. 

The starting price of the Civic is $16,555 USD, which is the Sedan DX trim, and can go as high as $24,800 USD for a Civic hybrid.