21 Top Paying Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

If the truth were known, most people make little money off of Web Hosting affiliate programs. Most bloggers and some Webmasters just stick a banner or text link from their host provider on their sites and get a few conversions over a period of time.

Unless you’re prepared to enter the affiliate marketing hell, that’s probably the best way to do it!

Note: Click on the link if you’re looking for reviews about blog web hosting providers.

How I chose the 21 Top Paying Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

It would have been easy to just search web hosting companies and find who pays the most and stick their names here. But there’s more to choosing a winning affiliate program than simply picking the company that pays the most.

Even if you have a Web Host provider paying $200 per sign up, it doesn’t mean squat unless they can convert traffic!

Here are the factors I looked at when choosing the 21 Top Paying Web Hosting Affiliate Programs.

  • I only went with web hosting companies that were under affiliate networks (CJ has the most that I’m aware of). When I go looking at stats, I want to go to only a few websites, not 10 or 15 different sites to see how much money I’ve made. Plus I feel like (for the most part) that the Networks will keep the Web Host honest as far as reporting goes. (I know for a fact that Sharasale will)
  • I looked at the 3 month Network earnings for each provider. Any affiliate program can have a few big sales in a week that will inflate their 7 day earnings per click. I want to see how a program has performed over time. A high Network earnings number means there are people making money from the affiliate program.
  • Not all Networks report reversals. Shareasale does and I take that into account when I can find the number. What good is it if you make 90 sales and have 89 of them reversed?
  • Terms. Some web hosting companies make it easy to make a sale. Some make it difficult plus some only pay on a hosting sign up while others pay you on everything from Domain names to SSL certificates. Some will not allow you to use PPC and some will not let you use email. <u>It pays (pun intended) to read the terms before signing up</u>!
  • Of course I looked at how much each company pays per sign up. That should be the last number you look at. There are companies paying out $150 per sign up, but their websites don’t convert. Then you may have a company who only pays out $75, but their sites converts you traffic into sign ups like crazy. Who would you rather be signed up with?
  • Referal length. Sometimes a person doesn’t sign up right away with a web hosting company. It may take them a month or more to decide to buy web hosting. If they go to your web host 32 days after their first visit and sign up for web hosting, I want that commission! I like long referral periods!

So, without further ado…drum roll please…I bring you AffiliateWatcher.Com’s pick of the 21 Top Paying Web Hosting Affiliate Programs! (in no certain order)