3 Easy Ways Of Downloading Youtube Videos

We all love watching videos on YouTube. Hilarious, tutorials, informative, songs, sports and go on, every kind of video is available on YouTube. Many times we came across videos that we just love to watch again and again. At that moment it would be a great idea to download that video for later entertainment.  You can also copy your videos to mobile devices such asiPad, iPhone and other smartphones to watch them later when Wi-fi is not available. In this post you will learnaboutvarious ways of downloading YouTube videos.

Know How to download youtube video

Savevid.com (Web Application)

This is one of my favorite websites to download YouTube videos. To use this web app you need to have java plugin installed in your web browser. Most interesting part about this app is that you have different formats available so you can watch the video in all kind of devices, from desktop and simple multimedia mobile phones to iPhone. Using this web app is very simple. All you need to do is go to the vidoe on YouTube, copy-paste the URL and click Download. It will then ask you to choose the format. You can go with any format. While choosing the format make sure that you didn’t ignore the size of the file in that particular format. Once downloaded you can play it with any media player of your choice.

SaveYouTube.com (Web Application)

Another online service that can help you download YouTube videos. Since possibilities are that one or two web applications may not work properly while downloading a YouTube video you must know a backup service to complete the task. Like the previous one it wants you to enter the URL of the video then it will download the video.

YouTube Downloader (Desktop Application for Windows)

YouTube Downloader is a desktop application for Windows that also enables you to download videos. It’s a free software capable of downloading videos. You may have listen a lot about it on the web. Like savevid this useful piece of software can convert downloaded videos to MOV, MP3, 3GP, WMV, AVI and MP4. So you can enjoy the video on any kind of device. The software is capable of doing many tasks other than just downloading videos. This makes it stand out of the crowd. Besides YouTube it also supports Vimeo and, the social networking lead, Facebook. Thus giving you an extra feature over other online and desktop YouTube downloaders. YouTube Downloader has an intuitive user interface. Downloading process is same for all kinds of downloaders i.e. copy the URL of the video, paste it in the given field and press the download button. Another trivial advantage of this software is that you don’t have to press CTRL + V after you have pressed CTRL + C. This is because it automatically pastes the copied URL in the field. Now this is an important point, like as the SaveVid gave you option, it gives you the option to choose the quality. You may also need to choose the destination folder. Click Play tab to watch the video. In the Convert tab you can, as the name depicts, convert the downloaded video into other formats. You can also edit videos in this tab. Volume can also be changed or even removed.

That was all about downloading YouTube videos. I hope you find the article informative and easy to understand. Before you download a video from YouTube make sure that it is allowed to download. This post is written to teach you to download only those videos that are allowed to download.