3 Ways To Start Baby Weaning

You have decided that your child needs to be weaned. Now what? There are many different approaches to weaning your baby off of breast milk. You can consider all of them viable options, so long as they do work for you. Not everything will though. Your first order of business is to make sure your child is ready. To do this, make sure they are old enough and getting enough calories from the food they are taking in. If so, consider these three methods.

#1: Skipping A Feeding
Perhaps the simplest of methods is to simply skip a feeding. Just do not do a breastfeeding and see how your child reacts. Instead of breastfeeding, give them a cup of breast milk or formula. This is perhaps one of the best ways since you will only drop a feeding once every week or so. Over the next few weeks, not only will the child adapt to the no more breastfeeding, but also so will your body.

#2: Older Children Can Postpone
If your child is old enough to talk with, distract them during the times when you would normally breastfeed them. Instead of actually going t sit and breastfeed, take the child outdoors for a walk at that time. This way, the child has something to occupy his time. If she does ask for breastfeeding, let them you will do that later. Distract them from it.

#3: Shorten Time
The final method of weaning allows for the breastfeeding mother to simply shorten the amount of time that the child is nursing. Be sure the child is getting all of the food he or she needs from another source, such as a healthy snack. Then, slowly cut back on the amount of time they are breastfeeding. Go from five minutes down to three minutes, down to two and so on. Feedings should dwindle. If you doing this with a child that is under six months of age, it is important to switch to a bottle feeding schedule so that no nutrients are lacked. These three methods are only three options.

There are plenty of other methods out there, too. The goal you should have is weaning your baby slowly so that there is no sudden stopping which can affect them emotionally. When you accomplish this, you and the child will be on a path to improving their ability to stop breastfeeding and your ability to stop worrying about it.