5 Basic Tools For Social Media

5 Basic Tools of Social Media

Social media has rapidly become something that small local businesses can utilise to connect, engage and acquire new customers with. Here we will outline the 5 major social media platforms that can be used for small business marketing.

1. Facebook
Close to 600 million people are on Facebook globally, with active users in the UK close to 30 million. That effectively puts over half the UK population of Facebook. This platform is a great way to personalise your business, connect with prospects & customers and build a community. You can showcase your business through a Facebook Page, run promotions through Facebook Places and Deals and have your fans recommend you to all their friends. If you only plan to be present on one social media platform, then Facebook should be it.

2. Twitter
Technically speaking Twitter is a micro-blogging platform and you are limited to 140 characters to convey your message in a “Tweet”. It can be likened to the news ticker that you see on all the TV news channels and are a much more instant platform than Facebook. Because of this it is a great tool to use for listening to what people are saying about your business online and for chatting to prospects & customers.

3. YouTube
Video marketing is now huge and YouTube is leading the way. It is owned by Google and is recognised as the 2nd largest global search engine. People use YouTube for all sorts of reasons: searching for how-to information, product demonstrations or just to watch something funny. It can be a highly effective tool for businesses and can be used to show off your expertise, share knowledge, market your products and connect with customers, colleagues and prospects. Video helps to build trust and credibility.

4. LinkedIn
LinkedIn is a networking site for professionals and many people use it to make connections in order to further their careers. For small businesses LinkedIn can have a number of different uses. Increase your personal and company visibility, improve your connectability, get online recommendations, build your industry network, ask & answer business questions, promote your expertise and more.

5. WordPress
Blogging is the original online social tool and WordPress is the best platform to use. It allows you to set up a full website with an integrated blog, which helps to drive traffic and build a strong following. Write about your products and services then your audience can give you direct feedback, enabling you to make adjustments based on you customer’s comments. Your WordPress site is your territory and should be your central hub for all other social media and online marketing activity.

Get at least 3 out of these 5 set up professionally for your business and you will have a solid online platform with which to attract, engage with and acquire new customers.