5 Helpful Tips To Earning With Imooch

Imooch.com is a great website to earn from. It’s simple as 1,2,3. You can share any type of content you own. Make friends and tip others. 

The website is still in beta. So, you do not need to invest. You can share content for free and they give you $5. You can ONLY use those $5 to tip OTHER people’s “mooches” (content). When others tip you, that is the money you earn. Make friends so you can help each other out. You can exchange the tips you made and both get the money. 

Five Tips to Keep In Mind (haha, get it?) 

1.) Before tipping anyone make sure they are active. You can do this by going to their profile and checking when they joined and when their last mooch was put up. This is very important if you are doing tips for tips. You want to make sure you are tipping someone who actually might tip you back. There are people who joined THREE years ago and disappeared. You DON’T want to tip them. Your money will go nowhere. You might want to check if they have money to tip you back as well. You can find that on their profile,too.

2.) Leave a comment and never tip anonymously. You want them to know who tipped because they will most likely tip you back. Leave a comment about what you liked about their mooch. Become friends with them because you will be able to help eachother out. 

3.) Look for tip for tip offers. It’s a win win situation. You most likely will see these around every once in a while.If not you can do them yourself.

4.) Get well known. People are always looking for other active memebers. They will check out some of your own mooches. You might get along with more people who can be your tip buddies. 

5.) Post interesting content that will make yours stand out. Have interesting titles,too! 

Check Out Imooch: https://www.imooch.com

Check Out My Imooch: https://www.imooch.com/moocher/asianxkutiee

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Have A Great One 🙂