5 Jobs That Requires A Lot But Pays A Few

It’s quite unfortunate that a job that requires a lot of formal education, hard work and is stressful doesn’t pay much. Taking up such careers in one of those fields doesn’t give an assurance of earning big bucks. 

Below are five jobs that require a lot but pay peanut:

Emergency Medical Technician

Imagine an emergency Medical technical whom you put your trust with your life. Their job is to step in to help out those in danger, sometimes placing in unsafe conditions in the procedure. You might be shock to see them in the list but truly they are no exception. Emergency Medical Technician earn $27,000 per year according to the Bureau of Labour and statistics.

Event Coordinator

I tried to organize just a party for my fellows and I couldn’t meet the demands. Planning big events demand lots of hard work. Event coordinators take the pressure and strain for the sake of planning for vendors and ensuring that guest enjoy the event to the fullest. For a wedding or party to run smoothly demands lot of thinking and skills. Event coordinators earn $36,000 annually.

Addictions Counsellors

To change someone who is addicted to doing something and enjoying what he is doing needs much work. These counsellors assist their clients to sort through some very challenging and stressful situations. They create and adhere to treatment plans to their clients which certainly have its share of challenges. You need to have a post-secondary education in order to practise. Given the stressful nature of this job, it might be surprising to learn that this position typically comes with annual earnings of only about $32,000.

 News Reporter
To be a reporter may seem thrilling, but it doesn’t guarantee a high pay by any stretch of the thoughts. News reporters on average earn about $33,000 per year. This is quite a small amount of compensation considering that many news reporters are required to work unusual hours and work within strict deadlines.  

Though this position may not come close to the lowest paying on our list in terms of actual earnings, it could be considered a lower-paying job because of the fact that it requires a lot of education and experience before you’re able to practice in the field. Most architects require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree before being able to work, which is then followed by licensing exams and internships. Architects in their first year of work can expect to earn roughly $35,000 per year, with those who are more senior earning about $69,000 per annum. Considering that most architects leave school with a fair amount of student debt, this certainly isn’t going to leave a huge amount of cash for these professionals to spend on themselves after making their debt repayments.

It’s a sad fact that not all stressful jobs are valued equally. Just because an occupation requires post-secondary education or deals with the unpleasant side of life, it doesn’t ensure that you’ll be living that comfortable of a life yourself, at least financially speaking. Before investing in post-secondary education, it’s a good idea to investigate what kind of annual salary you’ll be able to expect before hitting the books. You’ll want to know how easily you’ll be able to repay your student debt, and if you’ll be able to support yourself on your earnings. Keep in mind that loving your job counts for something, but you also need to make sure that you can take care of your own needs with your annual income.