5 Places to Make Love Beside The Bed

Here are five places that could be a choice to make love you and your partner:

1. Garage
If you have an enclosed garage, no one tried to make love in it. Garage has lots of places to lie down, allowing you to try some of the standing position. Alternatively, sex in the backseat of the car.

2. Hall
Usually, the hall has a space so narrow that it is impossible for you and your partner to roll. The walls of the narrow aisle can help you and your partner try new sex positions standing.

3. Bathroom
Many ways to make love to do in the bathroom start of soaking in bathub to make love in the shower. A large mirror in the bathroom also will maximize your intimate activities such.

4. Kitchen
The position of the most widely performed is sitting on the kitchen table while dealing with a partner. If you want a more pleasant, lying on the dining table and put the food chocolate, ice cream and fruit such as strawberries and grapes him over your body and let the couple enjoy it.

5. Balcony
If you do not have a balcony that is closed, you can ‘play together’ under a blanket watching the stars. This is certainly very pleasant and romantic.

Source: Glamour Magazine