5 Reasons why you should not be worried if you fail in exams!

EXAMs is a common word today. So common that even a first grade student would say, ‘; Its my Exam today!’; and ironically more common, is the word ‘;FAIL’;. To many of us, it all starts with an ‘;EXAM’; and ends with a FAIL result. If you know what I mean then you must know the after effects too. You must know how frustrating it becomes when this process becomes a cycle and you keep Failing in your every exams. Pressure from your teachers and parents adds up to the effect and you start feeling wonderful (joking!)…If you are getting everything I have said just now, then its safe for me to assume that yes! you understand these problems and want to get a solution. 

              So this article is here for your aid. Sorry, it does not tell you how to pass in your exams but give you 5 REASONS why you must not worry too much about your failures. It does not mean you start ignoring your failures and exams and all but it actually acts as an inspiration to not feel lost and loose your confidence. It will inspire you to stand up and move on. It will inspire you to get inspired, so lets begin :-

  • Reason #1. “A single sheet of Paper cannot decide your future “

                           – Yeah! This is what Thomas Edison, the famous scientist said about his exams and infact this          must be the way we should take about our exams too, but a little lightly because we all are not geniuses. If you have the will and determination then a failure in a single exam won’;t result in a total destruction of your future. You must not fall into the dark pit just after seeing your first result and loose your confidence, which might result in more failures in your subsequent papers. If you failed your first then keep your hopes alive and prepare better for your next exams. 

  • Reason #2. “Life is all about choices”

​                               Yes you heard right. Your life is all about the choices you make. Atleast its not about the exams you take, so don’;t take your failure in extreme ways. God does not pre-design your future. Its all what you do in the present so instead of sitting heads-down and worrying about nothing, you should stand up and make the best choices. The quality of your choices will reflect in the quality of your result. 

  • Reason #3. “Christiano Ronaldo “

                              No, Christiano Ronaldo is not the direct reason you must stop worrying for your failures. But in an alternate approach, yes, he is. Just think for a moment. Almost everyone of us have heard about him but most of us does not even know if has ever appeared for a written test. We really dont care cos all we know about is he plays Football and afterall, he is among the best footballers in the world (Yeah, you guessed it right. I’;m a big fan). Here what I mean is not just about Ronaldo. I am talking about qualities, the unique talents that naturally comes in all of us. There are thousands of science geniuses does not mean everyone of us must have such qualities. We all are same but we all are different. We have god-given talents in different fields. If you play soccer well and is really really bad in studies then you should give it a try. Dont expect too much at first cos expectations often leads to dejection. Keep your hopes alive and practice a lot. Its not just about sports. Any field you are interested in, any hobby, any passion you have just indulge yourself in that. If you are better than others then you definitely will find success. So, adding up it means Studies, books and exams are not all that can make you successful. Its just about your approach.

  • Reason #4. “Books is not your life ” 

                              Books are good. They educate us, makes us knowledgable and above all yes! they helps us pass in exams. But is Books THAT important? Can books be consideered as your life? NO! You were not born with books in your hands, so by logical deduction it might mean that God does not wishes you to read books. Some people takes books and exams and studies just too much seriously and in a way part away from their natural life. They are alive but not living their live. Thats a big problem. Life is not just about books. Its about enjoying your life. You won’;t get an another life, unless you reincarnate. So why loose all your moments just sitting on a bench and staring at those letters and numbers which wont be of any use after you are gone.  

  • Reason #5. “Dont waste your time in something you dont understand “

                             Suppose you are preparing for your two papers. You sit and keep staring the book for the whole night without getting a word out of it. You just keep trying again and again but of no use. Its not just your language and in the process you ends up nothing on your mind and fail in the 1st paper, then just when your second test is about to start you remember how you wasted all your time in trying to prepare for the 1st and ended up nothing on your mind – neither the 1st nor the 2nd. As a result you fail in  both.If you had just left the 1st book after 2 hours of try and done the 2nd it might have been a better result for you. This is what we must understand. If you are cuntinuosly failing exams in a certain field, then instead of trying it again and again for 100 times, you just try to bring a change. Maybe it was not meant for you. Why should you waste time in something which you know you will never pass. According to Sherlock Holmes (or say Arthur Conan Doyle) learning useless things is a waste of memory. I am not sure about memories but obviously Its a sheer waste of life and trying to learn something you wont understand is a similar useless act . To hope and keep trying until you success is good but again too much bravery is a foolish thing. You must realise and accept your limits and weakness. We are not all-rounders.  

—-  These reasons, if you see carefully actually arrives at the same point – Not to be too much worried about your failure and waste your valuable time. Instead indulge yourseld in things that seem meaningful to you and be more productive and most importantly never loose hope, afterall the whole world lives in Hope!