5 Tips For a Happier Day!

1. When you are getting ready to go out, whether you are going out shopping, to work or to school, listen to your favorite music, something that is going to make you smile. Listen to something that brings good memories back to you, and hold on to these memories all day.

2. Take a minute to look around and see the natural beauty around, whether you are looking around at your surroundings, the sky, the clouds, the mountains around you, or if someone is walking their cute dog, there is natural beauty all around.

3. Take notice of anything anyone does for you. Even if its just a smile off a stranger, acknowledge that smile, and pay it back with a smile of your own. If someone opens the door for you, remember to thank them.

4. Look out for others, look out for those around you, if you see someone struggling to open a door, hold it open for them, if someone needs a seat on the bus or train that you are on them give them yours. Sometimes helping others can make you feel better, and the people that you help wont care that you are doing it to give yourself a boost, they will just be thankful of your help!

5. Be thankful for everything, be thankful that you woke up on time, that you didnt miss your bus, be thankful for everything that could have gone wrong but didn’t. This way if anything does go wrong you will realise how much you have to be thankful of.


These tips are just little things you can do, but if you do these little things every day, you should have a brighter day!