5 Ways To Build Self Confidence

Do you ever hear that voice in your head that is constantly talking down to you? Its trying to make you believe that you can’t do this or you can’t do that. That voice is called your inner doubt. It lives in millions of us every single day of our lives. Inner doubts can be a nightmare to your personal goals and aspirations. It will leave the inside of your soul dead and broken. I know from personal experience how much this evil feeling can destroy you. Here are some of the ways that I used to

Practice The Role
Self confidence in large part is due to your lack of “certain” in a situation. For example, maybe you have a speech or a big report due at a specific time, and you feel like you can’t possibly come out successful. That is where practicing the role comes in. Look for a person that represents the kind of attitude and personality you want to be more like. I think they call it a “role model”. Even as adults, we still need role models in our lives. Every person finds inspiration from another person, even if they wont admit it, they do. Take out a piece of paper and start listing the things this role model does that you admire. When you are done, start practicing being like that person. Taking only the things about that person that appealed to you. The goal is not to become the person, but to be more like him. You still need to put your own personality into the mix. Now act out the part in which you are lacking confidence. If you are preparing for a speech, imagine your in a room with hundreds of people and start speaking. The more you practice doing the things that you lack confidence in, the better you will feel about it. Once you have practiced several times, you will have a much higher sense in yourself. Practice will inevitably bring confidence.

Daily Exercise

Moderately intense exercise like jogging, rowing, cycling, and swimming can increase endorphin production in your brain. Endorphins are little compounds that will ease depression and increase your mood. Some studies have shown that exercise alone can work better in some individuals than anti-depressants. The better the mood your in, the less doubtful you will be. Just 30 minutes of exercise a day can keep the bad thoughts away.

Dress The Part

Have you ever put on some clothes that made you feel good about yourself? Yes? I hoped you would say that. Dressing nicely boosts confidence and gives you a good image. The sad thing is, people do judge by the way you look. Harness that power and update your wardrobe a bit. Get a nice haircut and maybe wear some cologne(or perfume for women). The more you portray yourself as a clean and confident person, you may actually begin to feel better about yourself. In your subconscious mind, you may even be judging yourself by how you look. Dress up and then take a look in the mirror, see what happens.

Thought Repetition
This process involves the repetition of specific words, phrases, or images to remind yourself of the change you want to be done. For example, writing motivational words like “dream” or “do” on a sticky note pad and then placing that note somewhere you can read it multiple times per day is an example of thought repetition. Its through constant repetition that we truly can change ourselves. You need to plant the seed of positive thinking, and then keep watering it each and everyday. Don’t expect to read a paragraph about self improvement and change your

life around in an instant. It will take time, repetition, and perseverance to bring upon lasting change in yourself. Pick out your favorite sayings or quotes and write them down, find a spot for them where you spend the most amount of your time. Your going to need to place them in a spot where you can view them on a daily basis. My

favorite simple saying is “I can”. I have it written on a sticky note pad that is stuck to the bottom of my computer screen (I spend a lot of time by my computer). So whenever I look over by my computer, I read, “I can”, and it projects that thought into my mind. I have even written it on my hands before, however, when a friend of mine said, “Why the heck do you have I can written on your hand?” I replied, “because I can”. I never wrote anything on my hands ever since.

Can’t Could Never Do Anything
Sometimes the lack of self confidence in ourselves can be from other people putting us down. Sometimes they are just solely from ourselves with no basis whatsoever. In both cases, we still need to rid ourselves of the word “can’t” in our vocabulary. Grab a piece of paper and a pencil, begin to write down the word “can’t” 10 times in a row. Next, one by one, erase the last letter off of each one. What are you left with? There is only one single letter that completely changes the definition of that very powerful word. Now take a final step and place the eraser of that pencil on your forehead. Now, put the thought of the word “can’t” into your mind. Bring that thought to the center of your forehead and use the pencil to erase that last letter again. This time though, its erased from your consciousness. Read the following quote carefully because its just that great:

“Some people listen to themselves, rather than listen to what others say. These people don’t come along very often, But when they do, they remind us that once you set out on a path, even the critics may doubt you… Its okay to believe that there is no cant, wont or impossible. They remind us that its okay to believe… impossible is nothing.” That is a quote that I have heard before, but I just can’t seem to remember where I heard it from. I recalled it distinctly nonetheless. The lesson here is: don’t let anyone bring you down, not even yourself.

There is no more “can’t!”

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