5 Ways to Lose Weight on the French Diet

1. Eat good, ‘quality’ foods. This means that if you like beef, choose a good steak over a McDonald’s hamburger. You will enjoy the better-tasting food so much more which, in turn, will satisfy your appetite much better

.2. Eat ONLY when you are hungry, and stop the instant you no longer feel hunger. French cuisine traditionally features creamy sauces, or other rich foods; but the French people eat far more limited portions than do Americans. For example, at lunch many French will dine on French Onion soup, in which the topping is a thick slice of good French bread covered with a generous layer of delicious cheese. However, the key here is that often this is the only item they eat for lunch. It is so rich that it fills them up to the point where they are no longer hungry.

3. This diet will not be costly. Face it, it would take many more fast-food burgers to satisfy you than it would if you were dining on a small, but delicious, juicy portion of a fine steak. You would be surprised at how little difference there would be cost-wise between these two choices. Also, feeling psychologically satisfied with a meal is an important component of losing weight. Whatever the additional cost of food will be more than made up for by how much happier, healthier and thinner you will become.

4. The French traditionally drink wine with their meals, and good wine at that. Studies have shown the health benefits of wine, in particular of red wine. Although wine is not calorie-free, it is not as high in calories as non-diet soda. It is also far healthier than those drinks, as it contains only natural sugars, and no chemicals. For the French, drinking good wine is the same idea as eating high-quality food; it makes you more satisfied with your meal

.5. Very often, the French tradition is to have a small, delicious treat at bedtime. Almost all fine hotels place a luscious chocolate on their patrons’ pillows, when they turn down their beds at night. You can do the same. This will give you a real psychological boost, as you will have something delicious to look forward to before bed, which will easily help you from overeating at dinner. Just remember these three rules: eat only one chocolate; it must be high-quality; and while you indulge you must remind yourself of how much YOU deserve it! After all, you ate the rest of your meals that day just like the French. Bonsoir!

<u>Be Aware:</u>

  • As French cuisine can be high in cholesterol, before you follow this it is important to discuss this new way of dining with your doctor.
  • Keep in mind that, just as they limit their portions, the French usually drink only one glass or two of wine with a meal. You should follow this as well, and also don’t drink before driving.