500 Days of Summer Film Review

Tom Hansen works for a greeting card company and is quite content with his life. His life is about to change though when he falls head over heals for Summer who is his boss’ new assistant. Tom manages to befriend Summer and they start to spend their time together but she is straight with him from the start that she does not want a boyfriend. They start to get close and soon they are doing things only boyfriend and girlfriends do and Tom thinks they are an item.

We move through the days to the end of the 500 days and see that Tom is a right mess and is devastated by Summer leaving but what has gone on to get him to this point and is there a chance for him and Summer to get back together?

This is a film which I have been wanting to watch for some time and I was pleased when it came on Sky Premier as t meant I did not have to pay for the DVD. I did enjoy the film but was a little distracted how the film was laid out. It did not play like a normal film showing the story from start to finish but it kept moving back and forwards through the 500 days and I found I did have to concentrate quite hard to follow where we were and what was happening. Towards the second half of the film though I settled into the film and found it much easier. The storyline was good but I was slightly disappointed as at the start we have some narration and are told here that this is not going to be a love story, I think I would have liked this to have been left untold and found it out for myself.

The lead role of Tom was played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt and I have to say he looked so familiar and I did have to check online to where I knew him from (he was the young boy called Tommy in the TV series Third Rock from the Sun). He played a very good part and I loved how he had no problems showing and expressing his feelings and this showed him in a very good light. He fitted the part well and did not come across as a ladies man or over confident and I had no problems in believing all of his lines and felt he delivered them with ease. There was a good chemistry between him and the role of Summer and I felt they looked good and work well together. Summer was played by Zooey Deschanel and she too played a good role. I found she did come across as hard at times and I felt she was stringing Tom along but this all added to the little bit of mystery around her character. She seemed a pleasant girl and seemed at ease on screen.

There were some good support role and I really did enjoy the role of Toms sister Rachael, who he would go to for relationship advise, she was played by Chloe Moretz and she did bring so good one liners to the film. Other good role included acting from Geoffrey Arend, Clark Gregg and Matthew Grey Gubler. They were all very different in their role and bought a little depth and diversity to the film.

The film was set in the present day so no real effort was needed with the costumes or the props, they were all very good and fitted into the film very well. I liked the side of Tom’s character which dealt with architecture as we did get to see a few very old and detailed building which were a pleasant surprise in the film. I did enjoy the few views over the city which we got to see as well. The music was good and all quite modern, it suited the style of the film and I felt it worked well and helped with the emotions and the settings for the things which were happening. It is not a movie soundtrack which I would go out of my way to buy though.

There are some small laughs in the film, the few on liners which Tom’s sister comes out with and the banter Tom has with his friends are good, I would not class this film as a comedy at all but it was still refreshing to have these few laughs.

As this is a film only review there are no bonus features to speak about. The running time of the film is 95 minutes and I did find this was a great length with the story moving at a stead pace from start to finish. The rate is a 12A and I do agree with this.

I am happy to give this film a good 4 stars, I have has to drop one star as it was confusing to follow to being with and we were told at the very beginning that it is not a love story which did annoy me. It s an enjoyable film which has great acting and I would recommend it as a good and different film experience.