6 Food Group That Will Help You Lose Weight

There are food group that is healthy for you and it will not make you gain weight. You should consider changing your food group and add healthier ones to help with your health but also to help you lose weight. There are food groups like salad, white meat, or herbs that have great health values and will help you shed pounds. The way that you cook your food will also help reduce fat and calories and will also help you lose weight.


It’s ok to eat cereals without feeling like you will gain a whole lot of weight. Cereal can be in the form of whole grain or wheat that is good for your health and a lot of it might have carbohydrate but it’s not fatty like eating fries food or rice all day long.


Salad is very thinning food but if you eat with protein like chicken or fish, it can be a real meal and you will feel full and you will not gain as much weight. You should buy as much salad as possible and the different type of vegetables like tomatoes, broccoli, and carrots and blend them together, with dressing and white meat to make it an interesting meal. If it’s interesting and taste good, you will not go get tire of it. I will never get tire of it because I blend everything together and make sure that it’s interesting but not fattening.


Fruits are another type of food that is not fattening. It’s hard to gain weight if you eat fruits a lot. It has carbohydrate or sugar in it like banana or apple or sweet fruit but those are essential for your diet and they have so much vitamins, and anti-oxidant that they’re healthy for you.

White meat

White meat is also another fantastic food. It’s not a weight gainer and you will be healthy eating it over red meat like chicken, fish or seafood. You can add this to your meal to help you lower your fat content and it will help you lose weight. This is also good for people with diabetes.

Bake food

Bake food is also less fattening than fried food. You won’t get the oily content. When you bake the food, it will have fewer calories to it and much better for the heart. You should aim at baking food or boiling or it grills it instead of frying it.


Herbs are another thinning food group. You can add herbs to almost all of your cooking. You can also add them to your salad or to any meals as herbs is good for your health. A lot of herbs and spices have medicinal values that are wonderful for your health like garlic, oregano leaves, flax seed, pepper, onion and so forth.