6 Important Tips For Beautiful Face

There are six essential tips on how to beautify every part of your face to give a beautiful effect. As reported by the dailymail.

Tips to get fuller lashes

Always prioritize your eye makeup before starting to make up the other faces. Jean and Jane’s beauty experts give advice, “To truly fill your lashes are thin, lift your eyelids when you start brushing your eyelashes,” she said.

First, hold the brush horizontally to brush your lashes. Then use the tip of the brush to sweep the mascara from the base of the eyelashes and extends right to the end.

What is used?

Try using Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara, this is a premium-selling mascara in the world, with one tube is sold every six seconds. Equipped with a brush, which has a small ball on the end and can be used both vertically and horizontally.

Or maybe Rimmel London Mascara ScandalEyes Show Off, which also features a ball at the end of the brush to lift and comb lashes.

Tips to hide wrinkles

After using the Foundation , with a pencil drawing of bright dots in the outer corner of your eye.Use your fingers to gently and membaurkannya until the end of your eyebrow as this will remove wrinkles down.

Meanwhile, to make your eyes look younger, make three small dots on the inside corner of eyes and use your fingers to membaurkannya.

What to wear?

Solid eyebrow pencil is better than the liquid. Jean and Jane recommend the benefits of Eye Pencil Light pink, or try Pixi Eye Liner Light that has touch points and the color nude to brighten the whites of your eyes.

Tips to make instant brow

Movement required a steady hand to make it. Take your thumb and forefinger and ‘open’ the eye area so you can use your other hand to draw a very fine line – by using an eyebrow wax – under the arch of his eyebrows, following its natural curve.

Use long-handled brush for best results. Then fill any gaps with brow powder. Start with a darker color in the corner of the eyebrow, go to a lighter one on the outside of her eyebrows.Use a brush, as this gives a more natural effect than painting.

What to wear?

Jean and Jane recommends Brow Zings, double palette with wax to form and to fill the eyebrow powder.

Another alternative is the Gosh Eye brow kit that contains three color wax brow powder and cream to form.

Tips brighten the eyes

Get rid of dark circles for instant light. ‘Use the middle finger to apply concealer, “says Jean and Jane

What to wear?

concealer shade yellow for dark disguise. Try Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer, or Benefit Lemon Aid (16.50), pale yellow, for correcting eyelid primer that helps to hide the redness of your eyelids, but also excellent for covering dark circles.

Tips to reduce smile lines

Known as ‘marionette lines’, many women complain about the wrinkles that run from the nose to the mouth when smiling.

Jean and Jane recommends a normal powder foundation, then use a pencil to draw the three lines of light, like a cat’s whiskers, both sides of your nose in the opposite direction of your line.Blend well, this trick really works.

What is used?

Arch Enhancer by Shavata try having a light-reflecting pigment, or Benefit High Brow, pencils are super soft and is especially effective on dry skin.

Tips on finding the perfect lip color

This sounds crazy, but you need to compare your lipstick with the color of meat on the inside of your cheek. Use a mirror to check the color – the color of lipstick you have two darker.

Jean and Jane says this is the same color of your lips when you were 16 years old. Avoid usinglip liner , you can get a more natural look without it.

What to wear?

A handbag-sized mirror, like a mini mirror is a must-have when shopping for lipstick