6 Reasons Why The iPad Sucks – MUST READ!

Technology has taken over now with smartphones and tablets.  Its kind of annoying so here are my reasons.

1.  They aren’;;t productive.

They’;;re just designed for on the fly checking email, social media and playing games.  If you really want to get things done you should just get a laptop.  Many people like myself even writing this article need a keyboard to type but now its as if I’;;m on a massive phone and have just become a good texter.  What happened to good old touch typing?  I don’;;t wanna update my CV on the iPad.

2.  You’;;ll become a hunchback.

Lets be honest if we use them a lot you’;;ll be in different places, maybe lying on the couch… How awkward is it that you got to prop it up with your legs and lean on flat surface the same height as you and doing that your head is facing down and spine bends like hunchback.

3.  You can’;;t multitask.

Remember on laptop or PC when you could have a chat window open while surfing online.  I feel like I’;;ve got to completely switch each time I want to do something different.  Its not very customiseable in that way.

4.  You want to choose a file type and it goes to choose a picture.

Again using CV as an example, you are on a job site applying for a job and go to find your CV so you click find file and the only files you can choose are pictures.  Let me go get out the laptop!

5.  No Adobe Flash

You can’;;t listen to a radio station or use a certain website because Flash doesn’;;t work with iPad really.  It tells you to go download it yet at the same time its not supported.  I dunno if the companies had issues with each other but how bad is that.

6.  Random crashes

Oh and it crashes all the time for no reason, exits everything you do back to the apps screen with no explaination. #NotGoodEnough

So really just twice before you spend a fortune on one of these, its best to get a decent mac or laptop.

Have I missed anything ;-O