6 Ways to Treasure a Moment

Here are my list of things to make sure you don’t forget exceptional occasions and special moments in your life.

  1. TAKE PICTURES FOR YOUR PHOTO ALBUM AND SCRAPBOOK. It’s the usual thing to do. Take shots and capture moments. It could be pictures where you pose and express yourself or take stolen shots (which I prefer most rather than pose different acts since it really capture the on-going moment)
  2. RECORD VIDEOS. One usual thing to do specially for “can-afford” people. Well, not everybody are financially stable enough to spend money to buy those super expensive digital video cameras with blah-blah megapixel and all the techie stuff that it has. But the regular people can still do so since we now have affordable phones with cameras or if videocam can’t fit into the budget, what’s the use of rentals, right?
  3. NOTE ON A DIARY/WRITE IT ON YOUR JOURNAL OR ORGANIZER WHATEVER.Diaries and journals are not just for teens who enjoy writing about their days on school, their disappointments to their parents, their failing grades and their crush on the football quarterback and the boy next door. It’s for everybody and it’s not necessary to write an entry everyday. It could be only when you feel like writing things that happened on that day or when only there is a very special occasion.
  4. UPLOAD PICTURES AND MAKE A SLIDESHOW IN THE COMPUTER. If you can’t afford to rent for a video camera and all you have is a camera and however, you still can’t afford to have all the pictures develop, making a slideshow in your computer or in your friend’s computer would be an option. Not only you can make those pictures move but you can also burn it into a disc for you to keep and play it on your player whenever you feel like remembering anything.
  5. MAKE A SCRAPBOX. Sounds weird? No. I’m an avid maker of scrapboxes ever since high school until now. Such a long time. What is this Scrap Box? It’s just like a scrapbook, the only difference is the name itself, it’s not a book but a box. Well, I cover this boxes with colorful wallpapers or wrappers. Now, what’s inside the boxes? Remembrances. Some things don’t just fit in into a scrapbook like stones for example. I was too lazy to make my scrap book so I made scrap boxes where I put tokens and remembrances during occasions, gifts from friends, keychains from festivals, souvenirs from different places, written articles like speeches that I used to deliver, cassette tapes, prom candles, receipts, dried flowers and other things that remind me of special dates and affairs.
  6. REMINISCE. Hahaha… of-course, it’s the easiest to do. To remember them. Reminiscing moments oftenly would make those moments unforgettable and that’s for sure unless you get amnesia or alzheimer’s disease that is why those 5 things mentioned are very useful.