7 Reasons to love your body fat

People who want to have a healthy life are encouraged by experts to get rid of body fat and to care about their muscle tone. The benefits of this lifestyle are enormous.

The muscles keep our bones strong, preventing osteoporosis, diabetes, arthritis, back pain and hypertension. Secondly, we must admit that some well defined muscles look better than a piece of fat!

But if I tell you that fat is just as important?  Indeed, you shouldn’t be obsessed to lose the last inch of fat! Fat is essential for normal functioning of the body.

1. Fat protects us from heatstroke

Fat is important to protect the body against heatstroke and chilblains. It keeps away external aggressions from out vital organs and balances the body temperature, fighting against cold and extreme heat.

2. Fat as a vital function

Body fat is essential for the normal functioning of organs, being involved in various chemical processes that take place in our body.

3. Fat absorbs shocks

The fat is your own air pillow.  It surrounds you and protects your vital organs, covering the joints. Even the athletes need fat to protect their bodies from potential injuries.

4. A natural anti-aging factor

Fat is part of our cell structure. It is crucial in maintaining the health of our skin, hair and nails.

5. Fat gives you energy and protects you from diseases

A healthy level of body fat is important to prevent diseases and chronic fatigue. Haven’t you noticed that very skinny people seem to have no energy? This happens because the body needs to accomplish its functions, so it needs more energy, in the absence of fat.

6. Fertility

Fat helps the body to produce hormones, including those that are responsible for reproduction. . Women who have little body fat tend to have low levels of estrogen, and therefore, they are affected by dysmenorrhea, becoming sterile.

7. Absorption of vitamins

Fat transports the vitamins A, D, E and K through the body. Without body fat, you can develop vitamin deficiencies.