7 Tips To Turn Network Marketing Prospects Into A Duplicating Downline

There are many statistics floating around about how few network marketers have success. 

But, here’s the only statistic that matters:  If you’re reading this, you’re probably failing miserably in network marketing.


While it’s true that it is tough, with a few small changes in the way you run your business, you can dramatically increase how many people you can recruit into your network marketing business.

For example, you could build a solid, profitable MLM team by generating 3 leads a day.  See, it’s not that hard!

It all comes down to how you treat your leads.  A lot of people ignore their leads, claiming they don’t have time for people who aren’t in their business yet.

While this might be true for someone generating 100’s of leads every day, the average marketer is leaving a lot of money on the table by not connecting with their leads.

If you follow these 7 simple strategies, I guarantee that your conversions will skyrocket and you’ll be able to recruit more people with less leads than you ever have before.

Call Your Leads

Yes, of course… the dreaded calling leads!

There are some very, very successful marketers out there who never call a single soul!  This turns out to be a bad influence on many people because a lot of less successful marketers want to do it this way as well.

You see, not calling leads is a luxury for the uber-successful.  They’ve worked hard, paid their dues, and now they get enough leads and have enough of a reputation that people will join them without hearing their voice.

However, before you’ve established that kind of street cred, you need to be calling your leads.  It’s the fastest way to establish a great relationship and they can see who you really are.  Plus, you can ask them direct questions and tailor the conversation to their needs.

Of course, most people find it nearly impossible to pick up the phone and call that first lead.  So, here are a few tips to help make calling a bit easier.

First, realize that if you screw it up entirely and make a fool of yourself, what are the repercussions?  Um… there aren’t any.  You’ll never meet that person again and no one you’ve ever known will ever find out about that call.

So really, what is there to lose?

Also, practice really does make perfect.  The more conversations you have on the phone with your leads, the faster you’ll get good at it.  Try different techniques and see what works. 

It also helps to have a loose game plan of what you want to talk about.  If you’re just going to spit out facts about your business, you’ll lose every prospect you talk to.  Or, if you just call to say hello, and then hang up without finding out what they need or want, you won’t get anywhere either.

Start out the conversation by finding out about them.  Ask about their family, the weather, where they’re from, etc.

Then, shift over to business.  Ask questions about their experience in network marketing, what they’re struggling with, and why they failed in their last MLM.

Then, you can ask them what they are looking for.  Why did they opt in on your page?

These are deep, introspective questions.  Once they open up about these things, you’re beginning to forge a strong business relationship.

Position your business as the solution to their problems.  “If I could show you an opportunity that eliminates the problems you’re telling me about (not enough leads, no traffic, can’t recruit, etc), would you be interested in taking a look?”

You have to invite them to take action or they never will.

But what if they don’t leave a phone number?

What you can do is send a Friend Request on Facebook to your lead.  If you’re lucky, they’ll have their phone number right there on their Facebook profile. 

Connect On Facebook

This is an unbelievably effective way to convert your leads into sales and to join your MLM. 

You see, people go on Facebook to connect.  They are extremely open to conversation and will most likely answer your messages.  Plus, they get a chance to see some of your activity and follow you a bit.

Now, here’s a little tip to add ALL of your leads at one time, instead of searching for each one individually.

First, you’ll have to head over to your autoresponder’s back office and access your leads’ email info.

Next, head on over to Facebook.  After you log in, go to “account” and then “edit friends” and then “invite friends”.  Here, you can type in as many emails as you want.  It will automatically find the accounts attached to those emails.  If there is an account with that email, it will send them a friend request.

Also, you can include a personal message with these friend requests.  The message is the key here.  If you’ve been around Facebook, you’ll see that the vast majority of internet marketers won’t send you a message with a friend request. 

Seriously, the whole point of becoming friends on Facebook for a network marketer is to connect and get to know that person.  So why wouldn’t they want to send a little message?

As it turns out, it’s really good for you that no one sends messages.  That way, it’s easy for you to stand out by sending a friendly little message.

I like to say that they checked out my website and I wanted to connect further on Facebook.  Then, I ask a question like “What exactly do you do for a living?” or something similar.  That way, I’ve started a dialogue and it’s easy to build a relationship.

The questions and method for closing outlined in the first section is basically the same for Facebook as well.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to start up a running dialogue with your leads, and then you can continue to close them on working with you and your MLM.

Connect on YouTube, Skype, Facebook Fan Page, Blog, Linked In…

Now that I’ve shown you why connecting on Facebook is important, you can do the same with other resources.

I especially like it when my leads visit my blog because they can see that I’ve been around for a while and they can read up on me.

YouTube is especially effective as well.  Video builds a connection with your prospects that words on a page can’t.

Now, look at this strategy from your lead’s perspective.  You went to a capture page and opted in because you found something interesting.  Then, the owner of the capture page becomes your friend on Facebook.

Next, you chat with him on Skype.  Then, you watch his YouTube videos and read several posts on his blog.  After that, you follow him on Twitter, Linked In, and then you Like his Fan Page.

Your prospect has now had several chances to connect on several forums.  You’ll look like a big time marketer because you appear everywhere!  It’s a kick-butt way to get leads to follow you and work with you.

I also look at it this way.  Why does Coca-Cola pay millions upon millions of dollars every year to advertise?

Everyone already knows who they are right?  So why spend the money?

It’s called “top of mind awareness”.

Basically, Coca-Cola doesn’t let you forget who they are.  If you’re thirsty, and you drive past a Coke billboard, you’re more likely to stop for a Coke instead of a Gatorade.

If your prospect has continuous contact with you, they’re more likely to stick to you.  If they hear good things about your MLM, they’ll come back to you for more information.  This really, really works well!

3rd Party Contact

Trust can be hard to come by on the internet.  We talk and build relationships with people that we’ve never met.  We have no idea how rich or successful they are, because they can say anything they want.

This is one of the biggest reasons that marketers can’t sponsor people into their MLM.  They simply can’t build enough trust and credibility with their prospects.  They can’t overcome their skepticism of some random guy who tells them this MLM Is good.

That’s why you get someone else to validate you and your MLM for you.

Anytime you have someone who appears even remotely interested in your MLM, get them on a 3-way call with somebody else in your business.  Now, the prospect will have 2 people telling them it’s a great business. 

It gives your prospect the validation and social proof they need to take the big step of joining your downline. 

Plus, they know that if they join you, there is already a support system.  Your upline is willing to help his downline.  Your prospect now has two people who are invested in his success and are there to answer questions and train.

Watch a Presentation

This is another underutilized tool that every network marketer should employ while trying to recruit their prospects.

Basically, you should invite your prospects (after some sort of initial contact) to watch a presentation about your MLM business.  We’ve already gone over above how to make initial contacts and get your prospects interested in what you do.

A presentation will be able to answer your prospects’ questions.  This saves you from having to spend an hour on the phone each time somebody is interested in your business.

Then, when you get on the phone with them after the presentation, they usually know whether they want to join or not.  Now, you can just ask them a few simple questions like “What did you like about the presentation?”  and then “Is there anything that would impede you from getting started today?”

Presentations are great because usually they’re done by the success big-hitters in your company.  They already have great results to show and they obviously know what questions and objections prospects have. 

Plus, it gives more social proof to the validity of your business to hear it from somebody other than yourself. 

Watch a Webinar

Having your prospect watch a webinar is very similar to watching a presentation.  But, a live webinar gives the business a more “here and now” kind of feeling to it. 

It’s easy for a presentation to seem dated if time frames are mentioned or there is a date on the website itself. 

Webinars are great for getting people excited.  While a presentation answers questions, a live webinar is better for getting your prospects eager to go out and work!  On the webinars, they get to listen to the best of the best.

A webinar gives your prospect a “sneak peek” at the training they’ll get once they’re  a member of your business.  Most companies do at least 1 training webinar a week, so your prospect will feel like they would get the support they need if they join.

Furthermore, you could even do webinars yourself!  If you know a bit about the industry, doing a live weekly webinar can increase substantially the unity of your team and give them a close-knit support group.

These are great for keeping retention high in your downline, and also for closing new prospects.  They’ll immediately perceive you as a leader, plus have the opportunity to have their questions answered in a live webinar format.

All in all, inviting prospects to webinars is one of the most amazing tools for closing prospects into your network marketing business.

Consistent Email Blasts

I’m referring to using your autoresponder, like Aweber, to consistently send out messages to your entire subscriber base. 

For the most part, the majority of your leads won’t join your MLM business.  In fact, many of your leads won’t let you use any of the aforementioned tactics on them.

For these people that you couldn’t contact or close, continue to build a relationship with them through email.

Most marketers severely misuse their autoresponders.  They send out one message a week, and they are typically to promote something.

The real key to long-term relationship building is to provide so much value that your leads feel like they owe you something.

If you email every single day, and the vast majority of these emails are purely informational and value based, then you can easily build trust.  And, because you’re so valuable to them, they’ll listen to the occasional pitch that you send out!

I can’t tell you how many leads I’ve had contact me after being on my list for months.  Sometimes, it just takes longer for people to trust you and to be convinced on what you’re selling.


These strategies are definitely not mutually exclusive, but rather they build on each other.  By far, the more of these that you implement, the more success you’ll have.

Remember, the key is to connect on as many different media as possible.  Don’t sell them on anything until you know enough about them to position your business as a solution to their specific problems.  Then, provide as much long-term value as you can to continue making sales and recruiting long into the future!

Take Care!
Erin Smith

Erin wrote this article about Closing Strategies to help the internet marketer build a thriving, profitable MLM business.  Erin has helped hundreds of people generate leads for their business.  If you want to learn how to generate 30+ leads a day for free, visit Erin Smith’s MLM Secrets.