90% of Men…

1) 90% of men do not want to waste time on shopping, but 90% of men are ‘forced’ to shop with his wife anyway.

2) 90% of men do not want to visit their mother-in-law, but 90% of men have to go to family dinners with mother-in-law, you know why.

3) 90% of men want to have loads of money, as it can help them replace everything in life such as the imperfect wife; however, statistics show that 90% of them do not succeed!

4) 90% of men like to watch porn or read erotic stories, but 90% of them will try to hide it or deny it!

5)90% of men have sexual fantasies, while 90% of their fantasies are not about his wife.

6) 90% of men would like to impress women, but 90% of them fail at the first impression.

7) 90% of men feel they have done well in everything, but also his wife can point out 90% of problems.

8 ) 90% of men do not want to hear his wife nagging but 90% have heard anyway.

9) 90% of men are aware of their shortcomings, and also 90% of them feel powerless to change.

10) 90% of men thought they are pretty good in bed, but 90% of them know nothing about fake orgasm!

The above statements are supported by strong evidence from the behaviors of males in my family. Tell me where to find the remaining 10% still living on earth…

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