A Date To Remember 1-11-2011 or 11-1-2011

A date to remember, a special date, a remarkable date, a date which only happens once in a lifetime, or at least for the next one we have to wait for another 1000 years. 1/11/2011 or depending on the country where you reside 11/1/2011 is a mystical date. A date by gurus around the globe to scare their followers as would it be a dooms day.

A perfect date to marry and some of the marriage counselors around the country had their calendars fully booked. Las Vegas was the most popular as thousands have traveled to the light bulb in the dessert to exchange the marital vows.

Babies which get born on this date will have a remarkable moment marked in their passports. On some of the baby name websites the name “one” and “eleven” have been scoring high in their ratings.

Also an ideal date for conspiracy theories. The latest hoax on the internet is the “Protect your PC” hoax, it warns users to protects their PC’s, Laptops, Networks and mobile devices. Some websites offer a software program to protect the PC, but end up stealing sensitive data like email addresses and bank account details. In algebra it really gets interesting (1 / 11) / 2011 = 4,52059129 × 10-5.

1/11/11 is not the next Y2K, it is just another 24 hours in the year 2011.