A Fast And Simple Way to Create a Budget Surplus With Your Paycheck Bi-Weekly



  • To create a budget surplus with your bi-weekly paycheck by putting saving and investing expense into your bi-weekly budget.

Steps to create a budget surplus

1.  Receive your bi-weekly paycheck and look at the gross income in this two week (for example $1,000)

2.  Before think of paying everyone else, you should think to pay yourself first for at least 5% for saving and 5% for   investing (for example $50 goes to saving and $50 goes to investing)

3.  After you paid for yourself, you could then budget to pay for your basic living expense

4.  After paying for your basic needs and there is still money left, your could budget for entertainment and comfort.

Count the numbers and find a way to make that work

  • If you feel that 10% of your gross bi-weekly income for saving and investing makes your life struggling, that would not be a bad news, now you should start to think how to make that work, you could get a second part time job or search for online money making opportunities. 

It is all about how your prioritize your budget

  • As you can see, a budget surplus means you are now reprioritize your spending habits.  You are now making saving and investing be your first priority.

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