A Green Life 3


Making the commute green is the best way of going green. At times I have to go to the nearby places. Sometimes I have to go to the places just a few blocks away. So for going I have the option of our family car, a motor bike, a bicycle and my legs. Legs and bicycle are the greenest modes of commutation. So I use them the most and go green. In other words using the active modes of commutation is to go green.

I live close to the place I work and use the telecommunication to interact with people rather than visiting them in person. That saves a lot of unnecessary energy.

And the best option to go to the far away places is to use the public communication system. It is always easy to venture out in the car or in a motorbike or even catch a cab. And it is uncomfortable as well as difficult to get into the public transport. But I bear this much of difficulty so that I could go green and at the same time do a lot of benefits for myself. This helps me a lot to improve my fitness level as well as my psychological status. It helps me to integrate physical activity in my day to day life and save a lot of money by being less car-focused. It is a fact that using the public methods of mass transport uses less energy than individual commutation.

Also it is good to understand the concept of “single occupant vehicles” as reducing the number of such vehicles helps us all. It improves health, reduces the need to build additional roads, lesser costs for maintaining the existing roads, creates greener communities and at the same time makes the environment better for all.

I think that people never understand another benefit of using the public transportation. When I am not driving then I have some more free time. At that time I can make some phone calls, type some text messages and also get time read a newspaper. Sometimes I even get time to prepare for the meetings. I can even get time for socializing. I can chat with the fellow commuters and that certainly makes my mind fresh. And at the same time it is good for the community. It reduces traffic congestion, air pollution, noise. Lesser health care costs are another benefit for the community as well as for the individual. And more importantly there will be an increased sense of security as there will be more people on the road. Also the personal communication between the people will increase.

I believe in ride sharing when I commute with my car. I have some of my neighbors who work nearby my office and some on the route. So that way I drop them out at their work places whenever possible. That way I share prices of the gas and parking. And at the same time I get some moments to socialize with them.

……contd in part 4.