A Guide To Oban, North West Scotland

Oban is a small town located on the West coast of Scotland. Oban is often said to be one of the most beautiful little town’s in Scotland and it’s position on the edge of the spectacular Highlands make it a very popular destination for tourists. Oban lies opposite the island of Mull and lies in the county of Argyll and Bute. The town only has a population of around eight thousand but this often swells in the summer due to tourism. The town lies on the coast and is surrounded by beautiful mountain scenery.

Oban is often called ‘The gateway to the isles’ and quite a few of the locals still speak Gaelic. Oban is a great place to hop on a boat and travel round the magical islands which lay off the coast here. Oban lies in the Firth of Lorn and is right at the West end of the Great Glen. A great day out can be had by catching the ferry over to the nearby island of Mull which has some stunning wildlife.

The town itself has a small harbour, many people make a living fishing out on the sea. There are always plenty of boats sailing in and out of the horseshoe bay. There is no real beach at Oban is mainly just a harbour but it’s well worth a look around and can be a very interesting place to see.

There is plenty to do in the town. There are all the things you would expect such as supermarkets and petrol stations, and then there are more tourist type shops that are interesting to look around. There are some nice pubs and bars around as well, and some good places to eat if your looking for somewhere to have a meal.

One of the attractions in Oban is the famous distillery. You can go here and have a tour and see how Oban Whisky is made. There is also a nice gift shop where you can buy yourself a present. One thing to note though is that the shop in the distillery is expensive. If you head down towards the harbour there is an excellent whisky shop. They have a massive selection of many popular and some rare whiskies. The prices in here are cheaper than in the distillery and you can often try a few free samples.

There are plenty of places to stay in Oban. There is a selection of hotels dotted around town. There are also some nice cottages in the area that you can rent. Of course there is always the option of going camping up here as well, either on a camp site, or if course if you’re brave you can go wild camping.

There are a few places that are worth a visit whilst you stay in Oban. Fort William is an hours drive away and is a magical little town. Ben Nevis is the highest mountain in the UK and if you fancy a challenge this can be a great adventure for a day. Another place that is worth a visit is Glen Coe, the drive through the glen is one of the most spectacular in Britain.

Overall I would say Oban is a really nice place to visit. There is some wonderful scenery in the area and you can use the town as a base for travelling in the area. There is plenty to do and see in the town and lots of places to stay. So if you’re ever in the Northwest of Scotland Oban is well worth a visit.