A Guide to The Best Dive Sites in Australia

Australia is one of the world’s premier destinations for scuba diving. Thousands of divers flock to various points throughout the year to explore the underwater world of this continent. It is alive with marine life, sunken wrecks and caves that cannot be found anywhere else on the globe. This article will provide you with a brief glimpse of the best dive sites so that you can plan your next diving vacation.

Port Douglas in Queensland has several spectacular dive sites. Here you will find such sites as Split-Bommie where you can dive to see delicate fan corals and schools of fusiliers. There are extraordinary coral gardens and giant clams at Baracuda Pass. Swim through the coral spires in the Cathedrals and glide over the marine life of colorful reef fish at Agincourt Reef.

Stay in a luxurious resort when you visit Lizard Island. Here you can dive to see giant clams and exoctic underwater coral. You can also feed the giant potato cod by hand when you dive in the Cod Hole.

The Coral Sea is located just east of the Great Barrier Reef. The experience of seeing sharks feeding at the Predator’s Playground is one that you won’t soon forget. There are 3000 foot drop offs in the Abyss, which is a delight for all scuba divers. The marine life on the coral reefs of this destination are completely different from those found on the Great Barrier Reef, which is why you should dive in this location as well as on the Reef. You will need to reserve several days for your diving vacation to this destination as it is impossible to have the full experience in one day.

If you live wreck diving, then you just have to dive to the Yongola Wreck just off Townsville, The wreck is surrounded by schools of fish, such as the Queensland grouper. The beauty of this type of dive trip is that you can stay on board the charter boat and book a multi-day vacation.

The 74 islands that are known as the Whitsunday Islands and offer numerous dive sites for all levels of experience. There you can dive on the outer Great Barrier Reef where you will find Bait Reef, famous for its drop-offs. There are reef patches among the islands and some of the fringing reefs are rarely seen by divers because there are so many of them. This could be your chance to see sights that other divers have missed.

Next to the Great Barrier Reef, Heron Island is the most popular dive site in Australia. There are so many coral reefs in this location that it is impossible to dive to them all in one vacation. There are 22 dive sites to choose from, such as the Coral Cascades, where you will see species such as the football trout, the Blue Pool with its sharks, octopus and turtles and Heron Bommie, where you will see Spanish dancers.

These are but a few of the many dive sites that Australia has to offer. If you can only visit once in your lifetime, any of these will surely be worth the trip and the dive.