A Little Story About Me And My Designer Wallets

Once I went out with my friends, walking along with a row of shops behind my dormitory without any intention. After lunch, we went into a boutique and looked at all kinds of goods randomly. Incidentally, I saw a porcelain designer wallets. It is white, with pink flowers on it. I loved it so much at that moment. But I do not know whether I will love it forever or for just one minute. Thought it three times, I made a decision that I would buy the purse if I still love it a month later. So I left there decidedly.

But I missed it every day since I left it. I wished meet it again. I even have a little of penitence that I had not bought it. But I knew I must insist my initial decision.

The month passed away eventually, and I ran to that boutique to buy my dear designer wallets. But to my surprise, it has already gone. The shopkeeper told me that purse had been bought by a lady about twenty days ago. Disappointed and injured, I left.

When I got into my dormitory, my best friend was waiting for me. She smiled at me and shook his right hand. Oh my god! It was that purse! My lovely purse!

“How did you do that?” I asked her eagerly.

She smiled and said: “I went to that boutique to buy a birthday present for my classmate. And I happened to see a lady buying that designer wallets. I always know you love it. So I brought it from the lady for the double money. Now it is totally yours.”

I have been using it for five years, even if it almost broken. It is not only for my lovely designer wallets, but also for my best friend, and for our precious friendship.