A-Man's World

It’s dawn, and the world is slowly stirring. The shopkeepers are making their morning preparations, offices are bursting and our worlds coffee production in sky-rocketing to keep up, and to keep a “B-Man” awake in an “A-Man’s world”.

The words A-Man and B-Man, are words directly translated from norvegian which are associated with what we call Circadian rhythm. There has been done a lot of research on the area and our scientists have come to categorize humans as falling into three (I)chronotypes(I): Morning, evening and indifferent. I know that in common english, the morning people are referred to as Larks and the evening people as Owls, yet I will continue using A-Man for Larks and B-Man for Owls according to presonal preference. 

Since the dawn of man, dawn itself has mostly marked when it is time to wake up. The daily chores were done in the light of day, and when night fell, little remained. However, times change and we now have opportunity to do our chores after nightfall as well. 

Back to our research.. Our research indicates a significant difference among induviduals, related to when the induvidual works best and most efficiently and when it prefers to sleep. My point of this article is to bring light to the fact that we live in an A-Man’s world where if you’re a B-Man, like myself, you’re forced to make an effort to bring yourself into the rhythm of an A-Man to get normal jobs and have the same opportunities. Potentially problematic. Though how to solve?

My solution: 

B-City. Making an entire city with only “B-Men”. The regular jobs would be held by owls, as would the management jobs. In B-City, we could make the shops open at noon instead, and stay open until about 1-2 am, making them fit the B-people’s biological rhythm. In this town, the A-Men would be sadly misplaced and see how it is for an owl to adapt to a larks community.