A New Millennium of Transportation

Wouldn’t it be great if we had an automobile that other countries wanted?  How about an automobile that is so unlike an automobile that it surpasses our wildest imaginations but is still functional as a mode of transportation as well as other such things?

This new and improved automobile would have to meet certain requirements in order for it to still be classified as an automobile, or course.


First of all this invention would have to be able to transport something from one place to another and get there in a timely manner.  It would have to function with all the grace of a normal automobile and be able to transport either small or large quantities.  I am not referring to the size of your lower end either.  I mean families would have to be able to be accommodated for no matter the size. 


This automobile would have to be reliable.  It would have to be able to be in good working condition at all times and would have to function just as well as a normal automobile if not better.  It would also need all gauges necessary to assess the functions of the car at any given moment in time.  This is typical with a standard automobile and should be no different for any new mode of transportation. 


Comfort is a major issue in any type of transportation available.  People want to be able to travel with ease.  Being uncomfortable can contribute for the malfunction of the automobile due to user error.  I believe that everyone should be able to adjust their transportation to accommodate their needs whether they all share the same automobile or not. 


Every automobile nowadays and anything that could be or will be invented in the future must meet certain safety standards or it cannot be manufactured.  In order to make sure this happens there has to be tests performed as well as the product must be evaluated by licensed professionals.  These people are there to find if the car is stable and sound and that the user is well aware of all the tools and education needed to operate the motor vehicle correctly.


Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without price.  Yes money is always a huge deal in acquiring an automobile of any sort.  The price would have to be right for the manufacturing and selling of a new generation of automobiles.  People don’t want to go broke buying a vehicle that has all the accommodations that they are seeking as well as the standards that they are looking for.  Spending any money is crucial when you are on a budget and you want to be able to afford something you want and not have to settle.

A new generation of automobiles would be a great accomplishment for America since we have nothing to lose by trying to create one.  I believe the change that could come with the creation of a new kind of automobile is just in reach.  All it needs now is a push or maybe a shove to become a reality.