a Person Exercise More Diligent Tend to Earn Higher Than Else


There are many ways to motivate a person to be more diligent exercise. One of them through the following research results, which in conclusion said that a person exercise more diligent tend to earn higher.

According to recent research conducted at Cleveland State University, someone who diligently exercising at least 3 times a week likely to earn higher salaries 9 percent. The more diligent exercise, the amount of income is usually directly proportional.

Research conducted on 12,000 people in the United States is saying, this effect is still observed although not very diligent exercise. Although only exercise 1-3 times a week, someone is still likely to earn higher incomes 5 percent.

The relationship between sport and the income is not directly related. But when someone is diligent exercise, the body will be more fit so that more support for working hard and less likely to miss work in sick.

In addition, previous studies are also linking sport with a reduced risk of stress, including in the workplace. An employee who rarely stress can be optimized in the works, so the opportunity to develop a career becomes more open.

Apart from the benefits for career development and salary increases, benefits of exercise that can be felt directly is burning calories. The more calories burned, more weight is reduced and the risks of chronic diseases can be prevented, including heart disease and diabetes.

“In addition to heart healthy, reduce weight and provide other health benefits, studies have shown that exercise can improve mental functioning, psychological conditions and higher energy levels,” said the researcher, Dr. Vasilos Kosteas

Exercise or regular physical exercise was found to cause changes in the work and structure of the brain. People who love sports to be more controlled in his brain affecting feeding behavior and encourage him to choose to eat healthy.

According to the results of new studies, exercise can encourage healthy eating patterns by changing parts of the brain that influence impulsive behavior (continuous). Review the new study conducted by researchers from Spain and the United States that have been published in Obesity Reviews.

The researchers concluded that in everyday life people are surrounded by delicious food and flirty. Thus, part of the brain responsible for controlling the eating experience endless tension. But by doing regular exercise can improve the ability to control eating.

Increasing physical activity can help control diet. Designing a more effective plan for weight loss requires an understanding of how feeding behavior can be generated. How do these behaviors relate to each other and whether this mechanism is supported by a common neurocognitive mechanism.

“Many studies show that physical exercise or sports seem to be able to lead a healthy diet. In fact, when the sport is included in a weight loss program, then the program will be more successful,” said Dr.. Miguel Alonso Alonso, a Spanish neurologist who worked at the Harvard-Affiliated Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

There is evidence that physical exercise or regular exercise can lead to job changes and brain structure. The researchers concluded that these changes seem to support the notion that regular exercise to improve the brain’s executive functions, and improved relations with the prefrontal cortex. One of the executive functions of the brain is the control inhibition (preventive controls) which helps keep one’s impulsive behavior.

Regular physical exercise produces a potential effect on the brain’s executive functions, including the ability to control inhibition. So it can help one to resist many temptations facing food everyday, especially foods high in calories.

“Exercise also brings other benefits, such as making the brain more sensitive to physiological signs. It does not only help to control appetite, but also modify the respon impulsive to food stimuli,” the researchers said.

So that the benefits of physical exercise that occurs in the short term, that is affecting metabolism. While the benefits of physical exercise in the long run is to influence behavior. So it is important to include exercise in their daily routines at home, school, or office.

Exercise proved to have many benefits. In addition to health benefits, exercise can also help improve the appearance by helping you lose weight.