A Step by Step Approach to Making Money Writing Online

Step 1 (Triond)

First step is come up with an article you want to write then submit it to Triond. The reason why this is the first step is the site only accepts articles that have not been submitted anywhere else. You can see my articles here at https://www.triond.com/users/strovek. If you don’t already have an account in this site, you can sign up as my referral using this link: https://www.triond.com/rw/44042. You will earn some money when your referrals earn.

Recently, in August and October, Triond held a contest for the writers of the site to earn slightly higher earning. In August, you needed to write 5 articles (with condition) and get extra 20% on your earnings. Now in October, the challenge was to write 10 articles (with condition) to get extra 20% on your earnings.

A word of caution, Triond publishes different articles to different sites and the rate of earning differs.

Next, read articles from other writers and comment on them. By doing that, you will get to know other writers and at the same time, make them aware of your existence. In time, you will gain fans.

You can also publicize your articles using diggfacebook (using NetworkedBlogs application). You can even create a fan page on facebook.

You can earn additional money by linking your account to Google Adsense to your account. Triond can pay to your paypal each time your earning exceeds USD0.50. The payment is prompt and computed monthly. If you do not reach the amount, then it will accumulate until the USD0.50 is reached.

Step 2 (Redgage)

In Redgage, you can upload the link to your articles. I found that this sites is also good for posting photos. I found that my photos receive better earning here. I did not receive enough views for my photos in Triond.

You can also earn additional money from this site by writing articles referencing the site on other websites. By doing that, you will be entered into a raffle. This is a daily raffle and the prize is USD 25/-.

Another nice thing, is this site allows you to upload links to other articles that are not written by you. This will also earn you money if members read those links.

Again, make friends on the site so other will know about you and it will help you gain fans.

With regards to payment, you need to earn above USD25/- before you can get your money. Also, the money will be given to you in the form of debit card. Note that there are some additional charges like the fee for the card the first time you get it and then subsequently fee to transfer money to the card.

Step 3 (Bukisa)

Take the article you wrote in Step 1 and then submit it to Bukisa.

Note however, that the article needs to be more than 200 words before you can use this step. If it is less than skip to the next step.

The earning rate for this site is a lot better than Triond. You can read my articles on the following link:https://www.bukisa.com/people/Strovek. If you don’t have an account, you can sign up as my referral using the following link https://www.bukisa.com/join/78473 You will earn money when your referrals earn money. In this case, you can earn up to three levels.

Again, the earning here is better than Triond. Unlike Triond, the earning is fixed because there is only one site.

As in the other steps, you need to make friends, read articles of other writers so you can get to know them and maybe gain fans.

The payment is done through paypal and will be done when your earning reaches USD10/-.

Step 4 (Wikinut)

Take the article you wrote for step 1 and submit it to this site. You can see my articles using the following link: https://www.wikinut.com/author~sohnm/Strovek/. If you don’t have an account on this website, you can sign up under me using the following link: https://www.wikinut.com/in/sohnm/

Similar to Triond and Bukisa, you will earn a percentage of the earning of the writers who signed up under you.

In addition to being a writer and referer, you can also earn by being a moderator. Moderators are selected among the best writers on the site.

Unlike sites mentioned in the earlier sites, this site is based in U.K. Payment is made through PayPalbut only when the earning reaches UK$5/- (5 pounds).

As in the other sites, you need to get to know the other writers by reading their articles and hope to gain fans.

One thing about this site, the way to write on this site is a bit different where you can break the article into multiple sections. You can have only one photo in each section.


In all sites, you may also want to promote on other sites using DiggStumbleUponFacebook and any of the other social networking sites.

Please comment if you have other ways to add to this article.