A Warm And Fuzzy Thanksgiving Kitchen

I just took a look around my own kitchen and here’s the changes I would make.

1. Apron hanging on the back of the door… I would definitely need a special apron that is only worn on Thanksgiving while I’m whipping up something special.

2. I would want a really impressive book stand to hold my favorite cook book. Whether it is used or not, doesn’t really matter. It just looks good. 😉

3. Even if dinner is to be served in the dining room, I would still like a nice thanksgiving tablecloth on the table. Actually, I would probably leave it there all month long.

4. My mom always loved her wreaths and I think that a wreath hanging in the kitchen window would certainly set the mood.

5. And on the window sills in the kitchen, I would like a line of flickering voltives… battery of course!

6. Hot cider simmering on the stove would make the kitchen smell almost as good as it is starting to look!

7. Music… you have to have music and I think that I would pick something like this…
Relax-Meditations for Flute & Cello ~ Brooks

8. Those flameless candles that actually look as if the wax has melted. I would probably have those turned on more often than the kitchen lights!

9. Brand new coffee mugs that would be only used at Thanksgiving…

10. A coffee pot with freshly brewed coffee and and maybe some biscuits to go with it.

I think that I’m done.