A Wedding Reception Program

  • Arrival and receiving of guests – music is played as guests arrived or musicians play live, if any
  • Seat parents and principal sponsors at the presidential table – ushered by coordinator or a relative or a friend of the couple
  • Acknowledgement of parents and principal sponsors – sit down acknowledgement by standing or a wave of hand
  • Presentation of the bridal entourage accordingly – create a drama as they parade in pairs

                a. flower girls

                b. bearers – ring, coin and bible

                c. secondary sponsors – candle, veil and cord

                d. groom’smen and bride’smaids

                e. best man and maid or matron of honor

  • Grand entrance – to add a little drama, effects are used like fog or bubbles and confetti or party poppers
  • Father and Daughter Dance – first highlight where the father of the bride turns his daughter to the groom
  • Couple’s Traditional Dance – couple dances together to a tune of a beautiful music
  • Dance of Bounty or Money Dance – optional
  • Rituals – wedding traditions that can’t be missed

                a. Cake Cutting

                b. Champagne toast

                    (best man leads the toast)

                c. DoveRelease

  • Grace Before Meal – maid of honor
  • Meal – guests are called per table proceeding to where the couple are for the souvenir shots then to the buffet table…if sit down meal is served, the couple moves around for the souvenir shots, as an option

               a. Music

                b. Audio-visual presentation – if any

                c. Guest performer – if any

  • Messages

                a. one ninong representing the ninongs

                b. one ninang representing the ninangs

                c. groom’s friend

                d. bride’s friend

                e. parents

  • Bouquet and Garter game – it has to be a surprised game to create a bit of thrill for the couple or a game they want done as an option
  • Couple’s Message of Thanks
  • Host’s Message ofThanks
  • Party Time – dancing is announced if it is called for

Here are excerpts of a wedding reception program.