Accountancy Prc Board Exam Results

Bachelor of Science Major in accountancy belongs to top 10 bachelor courses in the Philippines. Majority of Students who took Accountancy are females because the Jobs itself is normal job nature for females. Number of males taking up accountancy is increasing every year.

Jobs of Accountancy in the Philippines once finished the 4 year course they need to review for the accountancy Board exam results once passed they get the license accountancy. According to PRC (Professional Regulation Commission) of the Philippines 50% who take the exam passed and remaining 50% fail.

Although accountancy jobs is demand here in the Philippines still nursing is one of the highest number of students who taking up that course due to dollars and work abroad. Many Filipino dream to work abroad such as United States, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and many countries to have a good financial security in the future.

Students who take up the accountancy courses dreams to be a accountants. Either working in Government agency, corporate offices or to be a accountant lawyer. Most accountants I know worked on banks because they are really good with numbers.

Internet is a good source of any information needed. As I have seen the trend in the internet once they PRC exam result been announced students, friends, teachers, colleagues, family members, relatives they flock to online to check if there friends, relatives name is there to find out he or she pass the licensure exam.

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