Accounting : best business

Accounting is always on the top all business. Starting from the simple data entry of purchase and sales, accounting ends on finalisation of accounts i.e. balace sheet and profit and loss account. But the main part of accounting is how to do journal entry for depriciation of assets, interest on loan, transfer profit or loss balance to capital account, etc.

From proper accounting knowledge, it is become easy to find out that the company is making profit or loss. It is also become easy to find out what is cash on hand position of an entity. It is become easy to find out what is financial condition of business and how long business can work and improve.

Because of proper accounting, owner can easily find out how to manage their manpower and money power. Due to accounting, owner is able to manage salary of their emplyee, production of goods or services, analyse cost benefit, find out ratio of gross profit to net sale, net profit to net sales, current asset to current liabilities, etc.

For all of above, I think all business is depend on accounts of entity. But without wide knowledge and experience of accounting, it is impossible to deal with business or even increase in the business. So it is necessary that every business must have accountant. All you need is to have accountant. A good accountant always give wise advice to his employer in enhancing business and how to save tax of an entity. So sucess of any business is depend upon efficient and intelligent accountant.