Adjusting house rules when children have a babysitter

When parents go out and the babysitter comes in to watch the children, it might help to ease the transition if you adjust the house rules slightly.  Some parents may feel that being lax on rules will turn their children into brats, or make it more difficult to enforce rules on an everyday basis.  However, adjusting house rules when children have a babysitter can be seen as a special treat.

What rules can you adjust when children have a babysitter?  The most obvious options for adjusting house rules include those about snacks and bedtimes.  For example, when the parents are going out for fun evening why not let the children have a special treat as well?  An extra snack will not harm to children, and it can help to make having a babysitter or more exciting experience.  Making the static with babysitter can also be a fun thing to do to fill the time.

Adjusting and time house rules when children have a baby sitter can also be done.  Many children would like to stay up until their parents get home so that the mom and dad can tuck the children into bed.  Some babysitters also do not like the hassle of getting children ready for bed.  Adjusting the bedtime occasionally should not disrupt your child sleep for health patterns.  It’s simply a little extra perk to having a babysitter for the evening.

Some house rules should never be adjusted even when children have a babysitter.  Most parents configure these out based on safety and good behavior.  Having a babysitter should not be an excuse for your children to run wild.  Choosing a baby sitter that is able to uphold the house rules is important.  Be sure the person watching your children understands what the house rules are, which ones are most important, and which ones can be changed.

Other rules can be adjusted when children have a babysitter.  Perhaps the kids could do a craft or art project they aren’t usually allowed to do inside.  Perhaps they can have more hours of television or computer games than usual.  Adjusting house rules should be done carefully.  The last thing you want to do is make it to different so that the children of parade having a babysitter more than they do hanging out with you.  Parents and childcare providers can work together to come up with rules that work for both of you.  Adjusting house rules when children have a baby sitter can be rewarding for everyone.